• Help - does anybody also have a newborn that can't keep the pacifier in his/her mouth?  He is now almost 7 weeks old and the situation has not improved.  Any ideas or suggestions for other pacifiers that might stay in better?

  • Newborns are notorious for spitting their pacifiers out. My oldest 2 children only took pacifiers that had longer nipples that were similar to bottle nipples. They could keep those in their mouths better.  My youngest child; however, did not like pacifiers no matter which ones I tried and he would continuously spit them out. Try a few different brands, but ultimately he just may not be a pacifier baby (which really isn't that bad!). Hope this helps...let me know what works.

  • he probably does not want one

  • My daughter is almost 6 weeks old. The only pacifier that stays in her mouth is called a Soothie. She won't take the Super Soothie at all and will only take the Nuk on occasion. The Nuk requires her tongue to be down in order for it to go in her mouth, which its not when she is crying so the Soothie works best for me. Its not cute but it works

  • Many newborns can keep the pacifier in their mouth when they are awake, buit as soon as they fall asleep, it falls out because their mouth muscles can't hold it. Keep trying when you feel it's necessary, and eventually your baby will get the hang of it.

  • my daughter started to take the pacifier earlier than 7 weeks but i learned that she didnt like the one that looks  like it depresses the tounge...but shell gladly take the binky one which is looks like a bottle nipple but has ribs on it..also dont try and give it to to the baby when they're hungry or want to be active bc naturally they dont want to be soothed at the moment (which is what a pacifier is for) try right when the baby is falling asleep or really helps my kid fall asleep when shes in need for a nap much faster