Baby's First Words

  • Some kids are early talkers. Some hold onto their words until they’re good and ready to share them with the world. My girls each took their own paths. Sabrina didn’t talk until she was two, while Jordan is speaking in sentences as her second birthday quickly approaches. What about your kids? When did they start talking to you? Were their first words what you expected?

  • Madison is 16 months and still holding on to her words, lol. So far her only ones are mama, dada, and uh-oh. She knows plenty of them, she just doesn't want to use them. For instance we can tell her to throw something away and she'll take it to the trash; or to get her shoes and she'll retrive them from another part of the house, etc. But she wont use words to say "hungry" or "thirsty" even though she recognize those words when we use them.

  • my little princess she is only 4.5 months and so far she do that baby talk like there is no tomorrow, i guess and hope she will be a early talker ( well mama and dad talk

    my son he did start early by the time he was 2 years he was able to say his ABC's 1 to 10 and some colors, now he is 7 years and he talk, talk, talk, talk, sometimes i wonder where the off switch was.



  • Both my children started saying Dada and Bye Bye at about 8-10 months and started talking well at about 12-14 months. Grant's first real words that I remember were "my book". I can't remember Kenlee's but she is 19 months and there is nothing that she doesn't say.

  • Doesn't it just melt your heart when you see your baby babbling away when they're so small? My youngest is two and it still amazes me the things she says. Just this morning, she picked up a phone and pretended to have a conversation with my dad. When I told her it was time to go to daycare, she say, "No Mama, I talking to Papa." Then she said into the phone, "Bye Papa, I go to daycare." I was floored.


    Yeah, unfortunately, once the learn to talk, they do not ever stop. You either have to build up an immunity or get really good at saying, "Oh wow!" and "That's great!"