Formula Stains

  • How do you get formula stains out of baby clothing?

  • They are really hard to get out.. I know that they make oxyclean for baby now.. they sell it at babiesrus.

  • even the regular oxyclean spray works.  its a clothes saver!!!!

  • That's a toughie. Formula is notoriously hard to get out. If you treat it right away, Spray and Wash works well. Don't let the stains set, or they're next to impossible to remove.

  • I am hooked on Spray and Wash Dual Action. It is in the curvy bottle with pink on one side and white on the other. The only downside is it will bleach clothes if left on too long. The upside is you can put it on old stains and it works wonders.

  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone!  I am going to try them all.

  • I'm glad that I read these posts!  When my daughter was a baby we ruined quite a few clothing items because they got formula stains on them.  I tried several other stain removers, but none worked.  Now maybe I'll be able to save some of the new baby's clothing!

  • Shout......It gets everything out of my daughters clothes! :) I even got red jello out of a white shirt for's great!