sick baby

  • our entire house is sick i tryed everything i could think of to keep our almost 6 month old from getting it but despite my best efforts she got it. i love seeing family but when your kids are sick i would rather have people stay home thats how this got started a family member brough her kids over sick. has anyone else had troubles with there kids getting sick this year? does anyone have any ideas about keeping there kids from getting it or how to keep them from getting it if you get it first

  • It can be very difficult avoiding colds; the best way would be to simply ask your friends and relatives to respect your wishes that they not visit or bring anyone over with a cold. Another thing to consider is that exposure to colds helps to build a childs immunity. It is always a matter of degrees and comfort, and you should do what makes you comfortable; with our daugher we try to keep her away from those who are very very sick but thanks, I feel in part, to her earlier exposures she is usually able to be around people with colds without necessarily picking it up.

  • Our kids are the biggest source of illness in our house. While my older daughter has built up a good immunity and is rarely sick, my little one has been almost constantly sick since she started daycare 18 months ago. She's had tubes put in her ears because she had an ear infection almost every week. She's been through at least three types of antibiotics and it's concerning when your little ones are sick so often. On the one hand, it's important for them to build up the immunity. On the other, when it becomes consistent, it's an issue, especially with antibiotic-resistant bugs becoming more common.

    I think that if there's something going around, our kids getting it is inevitable. I try everything I can to spare them from the experience (handwashing, vitamins, etc.), but if it's going to happen, it's going to happen.

  • I tryed the same thing with my daughter... but i found out that there is actually no way to prevent them getting a cold. My daughter got her first cold this past week and she is 7 months yesterday. She was given cough medicine and she kicked the cold within a week. Its not really uncomon for babies to catch colds their tiny bodies cant handle all of the germs we put out there. I hope this helped (i only have the one daughter but im a single mom and i found out from doctors and nurses a lot of thing that i never knew before)


  • Definitely ask people to stay home if they are sick at all. Other than that you can really only practice good handwashing and hope for the best. Eating a healthy diet will help some, but this time of year is just bad for most people. My children stay home with me and my son has had croup 3 times already this year. The good news is flu doesn't seem to be as bad this year as it was last year. I haven't had a flu patient yet and I am normally up to my eyeballs with them.

  • well she actualy didn't have a cold on friday she started weasing and i freeked out, took her in and she had RSV and nemonia (probley didn't spell that right sorry) she is on amoxicilin and a nebulizer she is doing better now she seams to be acting more normal,

  • Wow! I am glad she is better now! RSV and pneumonia are two illness you do not want your child to have. I'm glad you caught it and took her to be seen. Good job mom!

  • ShortySuger, how scary when that happens! How is she doing? This used to happen to me all the time. I'd bring my kids in to be seen by the pedi because of a cough that wouldn't go away or some other reason, and find out they have severe ear infections or something else that I had no idea was an issue.

    Always nerve-wracking, but the good thing is that you followed your instincts and got her into the doc.

  • well she is much much better now, she still has a little bit of a cough but thats about it, when she woke up weasing friday i knew something was wrong, my nefue had it a few months a ago so i was pretty sure what it was, Having baby x-rays sucks its not like parents aren't scared enough, to have to put your child in a plastic tube with there hands  in the air and leave them there while they scream there heads off is quite horrable, i know its the best way to get them but my gosh they have to have a nicer way it just seams crewl. we go in on tuesday for her 6 month shots and she will get all checked out again then, we have stoped the nebulizer it really didn't help but she is on amoxicilin till monday, she loves it she will be totaly full refusing food and take it will no prob, im not complaining tho it makes my life twice as easy.