Could my son be behind??

  • My son will be 6 months on the 22nd. They say he was 5 weeks premature but I cant belive them. I always thought I was further along then they said, he weighed 6 lbs 10 oz but he was early?? It doesnt sound right to me. But that is besides the point. I am starting to get worried because it seems like he is so lazy. When I put him on his stomach for tummy time, he just burries his face into the floor and almost looks like he is suffocating. I always go down there and try to get him to look up at me but he wont. Also when I was looking at an add online earlier the baby on there was 6 months and sitting son pretty much refuses. Sometimes he will sit in his swing and chew on his feet(haha) and he will sit propped up on the couch but if I try it on the floor he just falls forward. I am starting to worry that he is behind or something. People keep telling me its not a big deal but now its really starting to bother me.

  • This definitely sounds like something to discuss with your pediatrician. On the one hand, babies grow and develop at their own rates in their own time. On the other, if this is enough of a concern for you to feel worried about, a call to your pediatrician or even an appointment would go a long way toward easing your mind.

  • Have you talked about your concerns with your pediatrician? S/he may be able to give you some ideas for games that may help get your son more interested in playing on his tummy or sitting up. Also, remember that every baby develops at their own rate. Some hit milestones earlier, some later and by the time their a year or two you wouldn't know the difference between them. One of my cousins was slow to hit those early milestones (never even crawled really) and then just up and decided he was a big kid now and was trying to walk and babbling constantly. He was the slowest to get started between the three children in that family but once he did he was the quickest then to hit new milestones.

    The best advice I can give you though is to talk to your pediatrician. If you're really worried perhaps there are tests or something that they can do to see if there is something wrong. Probably though he is just taking his own time to do things.

  • It is perfectly normal for a child who is not quite 6 months to not sit well yet. 6 months is average age. Some sit a little earlier and some just a little later.

    However, he should be able to hold his head up and look around (at least to fuss at you) when laying on his tummy whether he was born early or not. Does he have good neck control in every other position? If you have him on his back and pull him sitting by his hands does he hold his head up on the way or let it fall back?

    I agree with writemommy that if you feel concerned then it is cause to speak with your pediatrician. He/she should be happy to help you no matter what the concern.

  • It seems like you've got a good head on your shoulders, and you're son does too. At 6 months some children are doing one thing, and some children are doing another. If there seems to be a real concern always see a doctor. If your son isn't enjoying tummy time you can try other positions such as lying/reclining on your back and holding him on your stomach - this is essentially the same position but this way he is playing with you and wont notice he's doing tummy time Wink.

    My wife also used to play this great game where she would sit my daughter between her legs and hold her then let her fall forward slowly because she couldn't sit up on her own, she'd pick her back up to sitting position and repeat. My daughter thought it was hysterical fun and it really helped her learn to sit on her own too.