• I have a seven week old baby, and i'm loving it.  but i was wondering if anyone has a good site or something that i can look at that has all the normal milestones on it.  I'd like to know when to expect my girl to do things.  Even though she could easily be delayed because she was born 10 weeks early.  but, she seems to be on track with everything, but i want to make sure...

  • I recommend that you vist  They have what is usually for babies at certain ages, including 7 weeks.  Have fun with your new bundle of joy.

  • What to Expect the First Year is a really good book. There is also a website.

  • Are there any books or websites just for premies?  just curious.  I went to babyzone and it was pretty cool.  not exactly what i was looking for but i'm enjoying it.

  • Have you looked into any local organizations for parents? Plenty of them have current members or have had past members with premies. They may be able to point you to some great premie related materials and information (especially about local stuff!), as well as offering you a community of friends waiting to be made Wink.