Nasal Congestion

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    I am a first time mom and my baby is 7-weeks old.  at times she snorts like a pig and I was told by her pediatrician that that was mucus in her nose and the mucus would clear up by the time she turns 3 months.  I have tried saline drops in her nose and taking her into the shower, but nothing seems to relieve the congestion.  Any other suggestions?

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  • Have you tried one of those baby aspirators? I've found them to be enormously helpful in clearing congestion in conjunction with saline. Also, try letting her sleep at a slight incline to make it easier for her to breathe when she's napping or overnight. You can put a few recieving blankets under the one end of the crib mattress to make that incline. Check out some of the other posts in Baby's First Year. Many of them deal with similar issues that may be helpful to you.

  • My little one has had a stuffy nose for a couple of weeks now so I sympathize. She's 4 months old and her's is cause by the weather (it's cold and snowy here lol), the changing pressures as snow systems move through, and the dryness in the air. I would say  to just keep working with the saline drops to keep her as clear as you can and perhaps to invest in a humidifier if you don't already have one. I know it can be distressing when it sounds like they can't breathe but my pediatrician (who is probably sick of my "paranoid mommy" calls lol) said that as long as she isn't running a temp., becoming lethargic, and is still eating properly it's really nothing to worry over.

  • I absolutely swear by "Little Noses" Nasal Decongestant Nose Drops. Yes Now you have to make sure you get the orange label and not the red as the red is saline drops and the orange is the decon. But a drop or 2 in each nostril and it is instant relief. This stuff is FANTASTIC!



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  • Be careful not to over use the nasal aspirator, as that can cause irritation and swelling of the nasal passages, making the problem worse. Saline drops (liberally used) prior to a feeding and a humidifier usually help.
  • Thank you, Kimmie for the suggestion, but unfortunately I was unable to utilize the decongestion because of possible irritation to her lungs, per a pediatric nurse.  I called the afterhours physician exchange because the decongestion box stated that children 2 years of age and under, consult with a physician.

  • We always recommend saline and suction, plenty of fluids, a humidifier at night, and keeping her head elevated when she sleeps. You are right not to give any OTC meds. They can harm young children.