new to rice cereal

  • I just had my first beautiful baby boy...the love of my already 20 weeks (so about 4 1/2 months old).  We just started to introduce rice cereal to him about a week has thrown off his sleeping pattern and he has been kind of fussier than normal.  Is this common? If so, how long will it last usually?  Also, I think he may be constipated (hence the sudden waking up at night and crying...feel like his tummy is hurting)...thought dr had said to feed him prunes (baby food) but as I was reading through here, lots of advice for prune juice.  Is there a difference ... I could have heard dr wrong...she may have said juice.  Also, any particular juice (ie spec for babies) or just reg prune juice?  So many questions! lol Any help would be appreciated!


  • prune baby food worked great on my baby i only fed him one and he went so much that it came out of his diaper. and for him being fussy it go away soon he might also be that way because of the transition at that point in his life. check out they have alot of info on that.

  • Every baby is different, as you'll hear all over this site. It's best to go by your doctor's advice before anything else. Rice cereal certainly can constipate and the switch from all liquid to solids are often jarring on little tummies. My experience has been that it's a test and see what works best kind of situation. I saw a few different doctors in my pedi practice and they all had different advice. No one solution fits all babies.

  • Writemommy is right. Every baby and every doctor is different. The advice is generally prune juice, but baby prunes should also work well. The rice cereal is probably just throwing his system off. His body has to get used to digesting solids.

  • I think those who came before me have all left great advice, my only other suggestion would be to try something like gerber puffs in place of the rice cereal... I'm not sure if it will be the best of both worlds (solid food and no constipation) but it may or may not be easier on his digestion.