My 2 week old is awake a lot during the day and only sleeps 3 or 4 hours at night!

  • I am a mom of a 6 year old daughter and a 2 week old son. I remember that my daughter would sleep really well both during the night and day as a newborn. My son on the other hand will not go to sleep unless you hold him and generally will not stay asleep if you try to put him down during the day and he likes to only be loosely swaddled because he likes to have his hands by his mouth and face a lot. I can't really get a whole lot of rest during the day because he usually only takes a long nap in the afternoon when my daughter gets home from school when I am busy with her and can't get a nap. Several people said I am spoiling him by holding him to put him to sleep. I can understand that if he was 4 months old but I just get concerned of whether he is getting enough sleep since most newborns sleep 16 to 20 hours a day and I don't see that happening with my son and my husband has had to go back to work already. So I am on solo parent duty from 11 pm to 6 pm the next day. I think I have finally gotten adjusted to the sleep deprivation just worried about spoiling him too much and that he is getting enough rest. He wouldn't sleep anywhere other than his carseat for the first week now we are finally getting him to sleep in his bassinet for about 3 or maybe 4 hours at night but not very long during the day.

  • I totally understand! My daughter is four months old now and finally naps, sleeps 6 hours at night and puts her self to sleep in her own bed but she was just like your son.  I was worried that she was overtired and thats why she wasn't sleeping.  The only way I could get her to sleep was to let her sleep on me in bed.  I was against co sleeping but as long as you stop before the habbit is to great I think its worth the sleep boor both of you.  It even worked for naps with my daughter and then it forced me to sleep when she was. Hope that helps.

  • I am glad to hear that I am not alone. I am worried that he is overtired too. I do usually let him fall asleep on me in bed at night and then I get up and put him in his bassinet. I have tried that during the day too but sometimes I have things that I have to get done like laundry for my daughter. So today I put him in a sling till he fell asleep then laid him down in his bassinet and prayed he would sleep and I was able to get an hour nap which was great. It is just difficult not to get a chance to nap in the afternoon but as long as he is healthy that is my greatest concern.

  • THAT makes me want to cry for you. You need sleep and so does your baby, before you both go nuts!

     First, I would have him checked out to make sure he is okay. Second, I would tell everyone who says you are spoiling him that you doing no such thing. Third, I would get my hands on a copy of The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD. I say the DVD b/c it is hard to absorb what you read when you are sleep deprived. Also, because you can watch the DVD in what sitting while holding that precious baby.

    Is he on any type of feeding schedule? How does he act when he is awake?

  • He eats between 2-4 hours he is eating Similac Sensitive or Enfamil Gentlelease, he likes both and he usually eats between 2-4 oz at a feeding. He acts very alert and usually calm when awake as long as he fed and changed.

  • I think I will try to get the dvd after looking at the reviews we have tried some of those techinques already except the swaddling...he doesn't seem to like it too much because he likes to have his hands free by his face. I swear he must have been like that in utero. I do feed him on demand pretty much just the sleep at night is tough. I wouldn't mind him being awake during the day if he would sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at a time at night and sometimes less than that with the time it takes to change him give him a bottle and settle him down to deep sleep to be able to put him in his bassinet.

  • how are the feedings and sleep patterns going?  i had the same routine with my daughter, shes 6wks on monday. breastfeeding you dont know how much they are eating in a feeding which makes it frustrating. now that i'm used to the sleeping habits, i can focus more on what routine we have. i was feeding on demand every hr or 2, now my supply is full, i can feed her every 3hrs and she'll push it away when full..i've read it gets better as wks go on and they will consume more as their system develops

  • Definitely gets better. The more time with a solid routine the better adjusted babies become. I still wish I had set up some routines earlier as I'm finding out now it is much harder to put them in place. Can't wait to hear how it goes with yours!

  • It sounds like your baby is finding a rhythm on her own a bit and that you're guiding her in the right direction. Though I feel for your lack of sleep, unfortunatley this is a very common issue. It takes some babies longer than others to find a natural sleeping pattern, and in the meantime us mommies are concerned all the time about our babies getting the right amount of sleep.

  • It is getting better now thankfully. He is eating about anywhere from 4-6 oz at a feeding every 3 hours now. He is sleeping about a 6-8 hour stretch at night now. He will be 2 months old on Saturday. My only concern at this point is his naps during the day, some days he hardly naps and most of the time he only naps about 1 hour at a time. So maybe if I am lucky he gets 2 hours of a nap during the day. He is finally sleeping in his crib at night but during the day it seems if I put him in there during the day he wakes up and it's a fight to get him back to sleep. Some people tell me to let him cry it out but I am not sure if he is still too young to do that with yet.

  • Yeah he is slowly finding a rhythm and I do have to say I am definitely a mommy that is worrying about whether he is getting enough sleep but I keep doing what I can to help him.
  • I'm glad he is getting a little better for you. Smile

  • I just can't seem how to figure out to get him to nap longer than an hour at a time during the day.

  • He might nap longer as he gets older. Some babies never nap for more than that. Mine always took two 2 hour naps each day. I guess God knew I needed the rest, since they didn't sleep at night. Big Smile

  • I made sure with both my kids to put them in their crib for naps so that they were use to it from the begining! That way to your oldest wont wake him up!  I also put them down awake from the begining so that they learned to fall asleep them selves!

    I don't think it is ever too early to form good sleep habits!