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  • My babies are 4 months and on Similac Alimentum for digestive difficulties after birth. Right now, they average 26-36 oz of formula daily. I talked to my pedi about starting rice cereal at this age, and he advised against it, but said that if I wanted to try I could, but to be very caustious about how much I gave them. My question is how much rice cereal is too much? I haven't started them on it yet, just barely a taste on my finger here or there so they don't hate it, but I have heard of babies that were started too soon on cereals and such that actually refused to take it because they weren't 100% ready when they were eating it. And can you really mess up a baby's digestive system by starting them on solids too soon?

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  • We started our daughter with a very soupy mixture of it so that she could practically drink it just as if it were milk. As we realized she could handle the chewing of it we thickened it up for her slowly. Any dietary changes can affect a baby's digestion, however by 4 months it is usually ok to try. Often rice cereal when introduced will result in altered bowl movements but they should return to regular as the digestive tract adjusts.

    Hope everything goes smoothly! Keep us updated, we're all here to help.

  • This just goes to show how different pedi's can be! Mine actually suggested I start her on cereal at 4 months and a cousin of mine had a pedi that doesn't want her to start until 6 months. With my daughter I started her on a very soupy mixture of 1 tablespoon of cereal and used her formula, instead of water, to mix it. I figured that way she was getting something new but something familiar as well and it would be less of a shock to her system.

    Let me say, her learning to eat was an experience!!! lol Initially we got more on her than in her tummy but once she mastered her spoon she loved it. I've worked her up slowly from there and she now gets a breakfast feeding (usually about 4 tablespoons) at daycare and a dinner feeding (2 tablespoons, she's not as hungry at night) at home. We'll be starting her on a lunch feeding at daycare next week as well and actually starting her on baby food at home in the evening as well once she's over the cold she is currently fighting.

    Good luck no matter what you decide!

  • This is a pretty popular topic on the boards, actually, and I think everyone has a different philosophy -- pedi's included. Even among the pedi's in the practice I use I got different advice.

    I think the important thing is to do what you feel is best for your baby. I started my girls on cereal at 8 weeks and 16 weeks, respectively, because I felt that was what they needed at the time.

  • Hi. We started Zach on cereal at 4 mo (his ped recmnd) when we first gave it to him it was a pinch of cereal and lots of fromula. It looked like soup and we have gradually thinkened it.

  • I fed my kids cereal at 4 and 6 weeks and oh did they love it!  They slept though the night then too! My little one just turned 8 months and she ate a grill cheese for lunch! I would use a formula scoop for the cereal and started with one scoop and then up to three. I would make it just think enough so that it would stay on the spoon if I turned it over.

    I don't want to brag but every where I go I hear she is such a good baby, she is just sitting there being so good! I honestly believe it is because she isn't hungry!