How much should he eat?

  • My son likes 4 oz of formula every 2-4 hours.  The Dr. said that he is healthy...but I need to rest sometimes and he just wants to eat.  Is he eating too many times?


  • my son is alil over 8weeks and he is eatng 6oz about every 4 to 5 hrs sleeps threw he night we puthim down bout 930 and sometimes he fusses but we just hold him and hen he falls to sleep he will this till at least 6am today he slept to 7 just all bout routine we started feeding him every 4hrs fom the start even in the hospital which helped alot. try giving him more formula threwout the day but no moe then 1/4 ounces at a time see how he takes it for a few days if he does good bump it up again.

  • How old is he? This is a normal pattern of eating for a newborn through the first few months or so.

    As they get older, their digestive systems mature and their stomachs get bigger, they can handle more ounces at one time and the length between feedings increases.

  • My daughter is 4 mos old and still eats every 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. She takes 4 to 5 oz each bottle. She never goes longer than 3 hrs unless she's taking an unusually long nap, but that's very rare. She usually sleeps thru the night on this amount. She rarely takes more than 5 oz at a time so she eats more frequently. I've tried to give her more at one time to stretch out her feeding times but she refuses to drink more and if she does she usually spits up a lot. Maybe her digestive system just isn't big enough yet. That may be the same with your baby.

  • That sounds fairly normal for a newborn; if he is older it may be he is really interested in spending time with your more than actually eating...

    It sounds like you are breastfeeding, if you are and need a break supplementing with formula can really help give you the break you want as well.