Head Strengthening

  • Ok this has been bothering me for quite a bit now and I have asked a few friends who have children and have had answers that still did not totally confort me. My daughter is now 10 weeks and I have noticed that since she was really little her head always slouched to one side almost as if she had a stiff neck. I am wondering if someone could PLEASE give me insight of whether this is totally normal or not. She does hold her head up and move it from side to side but when she is tired it falls to one side. Is she just favoring one side over the other???

  • Have you discussed your concerns with your pedi? It sounds like something he or she would be best able to answer. Kids are so unpredictable, there could be any number of explanations. I'd ask at your next appointment or even give them a call.

  • This doesn't sound totally normal. I think you should mention it to your pediatrician. Your baby shouldn't favor a side unless there is a reason for it. I hope you get some answers soon.

  • I have not asked the ped. because I wanted to find out if this was normal from other people before I called them to bother them once again. The thing is I thought she was ok only because when she is sleeping or holding her head up she moves it from side to side with out any problems. When I am feeding her she whips it around from side to side turning her head fully on both sides. So I didn't really think ther was a problem with it. Also I have had a lot of friends and other people who have had children tell me this is perfectly normal for babies to do that. It is only when she is tired of holding up her head. I feel terrible now because if there is something wrong I have not done anything to make it better for her. When I think about it it almost seems like she has a stiff neck when she is relaxing her head and letting it fall. I will call the ped. right away. Thanks so much for the input.

  • Don't ever be afraid of calling the pedi because you do it often. That's what they're there for and they expect it, especially with first time parents. Please let us know how it turns out. Smile

  • Please don't feel bad! You are a great mom. We all check around to see if something is normal before bugging the doctor. You didn't do anything wrong. As a pediatric nurse, I would just want your baby to be examined to rule out torticollis. Torticollis can be treated with physical therapy and other measures, but early intervention is key.

  • After my doctor delivered my son, she noticed that his headslouched to left side.  She referred my son to physical therapist because she said it is easy to correct torticollis when the baby is young.  I also put a nightlight next to the bed so my son turned to the right side because he likes to look at the light so he turns his head to the right.   Also I made two little bean bags to place on both sides of head to position his head.  For his 4 month check up, doctor said he is prefectly fine.  Contact the doctor and get a check up.

  • So I called the Ped. and they said this is normal and now after reading this Tortiocollis thing Iam a wreck. I even spoke with the dr. while I was on my lunch brake and explained everything to her and she said that it is normal for a child to sometimes favor one side but now i am second guessing her opinion. I have put a call into the pediatrician again to schedule an appointment and now I am waiting for a call back to get her in. Thank you all so much for your help. This has been agonizing me for a few weeks now and I needed to start somewhere. I hope she is ok. I did some reading about this tortiocollis and there are 3 differnt kinds of it one being brain and spinal abnormalities. I Also printed out little excersies I can do with her in the meantime. I am really WORRIED:( I will let you all know how it turns out.

  • I think it is a great idea to have it seen in person. It is impossible for anyone to say for sure if it is okay or not okay without seeing it. I'm sure you doctor is right, but I know you would rest easier knowing that she had actually laid eyes on it. I hope you find answers soon!

  • jultoy,

    You are doing the right thing by taking your baby to see the ped. I might hold off on trying any exercises you found until you have had her seen by them in case they can cause other issues if it is not tortiocollis. I hope everything is fine and look forward to hearing about your appointment!

  • I hope everything is okay.  I agree with the other posters though, it's totally fine to call your doctor and even to make an appointment if you have a concern.  Doctors should be understanding of how parents, especially new ones, can be.  It's the part of the doctors job to help ease your mind by confirming there is nothing wrong.  And try not to worry too much!  I know how hard it is, but the stress isn't good for you either.

  • Thank you all for your concern. Good news my daughter was seen by her ped today and she assured me all is great with my daughter and she is doing really well. Thank you again for all your insight and help. At least I can sleep a little easier tonight.

  • I am so happy to hear that. I have been wondering how your baby was doing. What great news!

  • So now that I am a little more at ease we started playing again last night (after a couple of days of taking it easy till we saw the ped) and she is now lifting her head at a 45 degree angle when she is on her back and tummy:). I am so proud of her and really want to say thank you all again. The doctor said I could do some excercises with her to get her to move that side of her neck more but we are in the clear with no tortiocollis. Thank goodness. She also has found her hands and feet. I am having the time of my life watching her develop.:) Hope all your children are doing wonderfully and talk to you all soon.