How early is too early to set up a routine particularly a bedtime one!

  • As some of you have read my other post about my son not sleeping much. Babynurse thanks for advice about the dvd. We got a copy and it has helped alot. We even got him sleeping about 4 or 5 hour stretches at night. My name is Lara and my son is Ammon. My Hubby and I also have a 6 year old daughter. Ammon has been a challenge  but a  blessing none the less, we didn't think we would be blessed to have another baby. He is now 3 weeks we have had to switch his formula again due to excessive spit-up and vomiting but that is better now. Just wondering when I should start a bedtime routine and trying to remember when he will start to play more it has been a while with a little baby in the house my daughter goes to bed at 8 and has since about 4 months old and slept through the night since then too. It would be nice to do the same routine with both of the kids.

  • Setting up a routine can be done as soon as you feel he is ready, though right now he might not stick with it as well as you would wish. Having it in place early though ought to make it easier than trying to put it in place at that poing because he is simply keeping to what he already knows. I believe my daughter started being playful/interactive around 2 months old, but she really got up to speed a little after that and has kept going since Wink.

  • Thanks for the advice it's been a while for me with a new baby. I do think it would be good to start a routine now even if he might not stick to it yet. Thanks very much.

  • I agree with Stongdad.  It wouldn't hurt to attempt starting a routine even if it doesn't always stick.  It's better now to get in the habit of things going a certain way than waiting until later and trying to force it.  I've had that problem with my daughter, but it's not her fault.  I worked as a temporary after she was born and I started out on 1st shift, after a month they put me on 3rd, after a year they put me on 1st again.  She had almost 2 years to get used to that routine and then they hired me full-time and I had to go to 2nd shift.  Anyway, it should even out a bit now because I'm probably stuck on 2nd for a long time!  Good luck with your new baby!

  • I start the day we come home from the hospital. Believe it or not, they actually like routines and structure. I know it's early in the developmental stage but giving a bath and putting on PJ'S becomes routine and provides clues to the baby that bedtime is approaching.

  • I think as soon as possible is the best time. Just remember to be flexible and know your baby's limits such as: not being able to sleep through the night and needing you for comfort.

  • Thanks for all the advice. We have a bedtime routine set up but some nights it ends up earlier than other but then he is only 11 weeks old and some nights he sleeps through the night and other nights he doesn't but the biggest problem at this point is the naps he seems resistant to them and I will spend an hour or more rocking him and everything and he is asleep but as soon as I put him in the crib he wakes up and starts crying and if I try to put him in the crib drowsy he wakes up and cries. I know that he should get at least 2 or 3 hours of sleep during the day but it doesn't seem like he gets that unless I am holding him and I am trying to get him to start sleeping in the crib for both bed and naps and he has no problem with the crib at night. I am just puzzled and my pediatrician told me that he thinks the baby is getting enough sleep and that if he needs more he will go to sleep I just feel so lost when my daughter was such a good napper.
  • Every baby is different. My girls are like night and day when it comes to things like eating and sleeping. Finding what works is often an exercise in trial and error. I feel your frustration with having to hold him and your concerns about him not getting enough sleep. He may just have to find his own rhythm before he gets down to a solid routine.

  • I started my son on a basic routine at 2 months!  He understood after about 4 days when it was time to go to bed.  We had him screaming for 2 hours before at bedtime, and after 4 days, he started going right to sleep.  The one thing I believe firmly in is to start a bedtime routine ASAP.  Age is no restriction.  Now, at 4 months, he sleeps 8-10 hours straight! 

  • Hi There,

    I tried  to start basic sleep routine for my 11 weeks old but failed.  If I put her on swing or anything vibrate, she can sleep from 4 to 6 hours strech.  However, we tried to put her on the crib, she strain, fussy, and cry for 1/2 hour....or just lie their without sleeping.  My question is everytime she cries for a long time, she choke and throw up.  How do I stop that.  I really don't want her to be in the swing or anything soothing forever.  Please advice.




  • I started my baby on a sleeping routine when she was born. she goes to bed at 10pm and wakes up at 7am. she takes 2 naps the firstd one in morning at 11 and another at 4. You have to start them young so their bodies get use to it.

  • I agree the earlier the better. Since my son was essentially born he gets his last bottle and bed shortly there after at 10pm. Prior to this was bath time around 8:30 and quiet play time or cuddling with mom and dad. Even as an infant he would wake to eat, we would do this quietly and straight back to bed until at least 6am. As he grew older his streches of sleep increased, by 3-4 months 10pm-4 or 5am. As he has gotten older his schedule has lengthened even more and he eats about 8:30 -9 and goes to bed. He now sleeps until 7 am straight through without a peep. Starting at 4 months, if he would wake during the night I would let him cry for about 10 minutes before going in to cuddle him. After a few nights he would cry out and then go right back to sleep on his own after about 4-5 minutes. Which eventually faded into not waking up at all. Sometimes it is hard to stick to your guns when they are crying 2 minutes seems like 20 butt I really believe it has been worth it in the end.