sleep patterns

  • hi guys, ive got a almost 6 month old baby gurl (on the nineteeth). She has been extremely attached to me to the point where i cant put her anywhere or shell start screaming her head off. She has NEVER fallen asleep on her own. i have to rock her, or give her a warm bottle for her to sleep. she fights sleep every day where she is screaming while im rocking her cuz she knows im trying to put her to sleep. then i finally get her to sleep n when i put her in the crib, SCREAMING. Ive tried all the methods out there i think even the CIO method. which obviously does not work cuz shell cry to the point of gasping for air and choking. SHE HATES BEING SWADDLED. happiest baby on the block does not work either. anyway getting to my point. when i did manage to finally get her to sleep (fives hours later Tongue Tied)  she would sleep sometimes the whole night or wake up once or maybe twice for a bottle and diapy change. Now that shes turning six months it has completely changed on me. ITS WORSE. she really cannot be put down anywhere i basically have to spend 24 hrs a day with her on a sling or she will scream to the point of no breathing im serious guys. she will swing at me when i try to rock her to she wakes up now 4, 5 times a night when i offer her a bottle she will scream, but when i rock her to sleep she will fall asleep and then do it again and again. GOD HELP ME. what do i do. i mean i have things to do. i feel like crying sometimes. im so tired plus my wrist is dislocated and carrying her around is getting painful. i dont now what else to do i really need help. i go to school everyday and when i come home i know her screams are waiting for me.

  • Goodness! It sounds like you have been through an ordeal. No wonder you're exhausted.

    My first thought here is that maybe something medical could be going on here. Though babies often go through these phases where it seems they change their behavior and preferences overnight, it seems that this is an ongoing issue, which leads me to believe there may be something physical that is bothering her. Have you discussed this with your pedi? He or she would be the best person to ask advice for on this issue.

  • Who watches her while you're in school?  Does she nap when she's with them and do they have to carry her around everywhere?  Can they help you out when you're at home?  If they spend a significant amount of time with her they could probably give you some advice on what works for them.  I hope that things get better for you!