Nervous about the 1st day of daycare

  • When I first went back to work my husband and I worked different shifts so we were the only two watching our daughter, but it became too much for my husband because with him working midnights and then coming home to watch our little girl he wasn't getting any sleep.  Our daughter is now 3 months and we found a nice daycare center.  Today my husband is dropping our daughter at daycare.  She will only be there for three hours four days a week, but even though I really like the place I am so nervous.   Anyone have any advice to stay calm so I don't go crazy?

  • If you are uncomfortable most daycares will gladly take you on a personal tour of their facilities and answer the questions you have. And frankly if they arent willing to do that I would avoid them in favor of one that does. Also your daycare ought to give you reports of how she is developing during her time there - what she did that day, if she had any problems (and how they dealt with them), etc. You may need to ask them for that information depending on their policies, but most any teacher should also be willing to speak with you about her day anytime you want (just try not to keep them after hours or ask during their lunch, intruding personal time is impolite no matter who you are or where you work).