when is it to early to let them sleep through the night

  • Ok heres another one for you, my daughter sleeps pretty good through the night but she is waking up a few days a week through the night. I know she is eating good throughout the day and I was wondering if she should be fed when she wakes in the night?? She is 11 and 1/2 weeks old. Is she to young for me to try and calm her and get her back to sleep or should I still be feeding her. When we feed her in the late late night she has a tendency of throwing up her food. I don't understand why because we keep her in a upright position for at least 30minutes if not longer. The only problem now is that because we are doing this we are not getting much sleep and we are becoming sleep deprived. Is it ok to rock her for a little and try and get her back to sleep or let her cry it out or should we continue feeding her. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.Sleep

  • One of the issues with feeding her when she wakes up is she may begin waking up on purpose. We fed our daughter when she woke up at nights and soon she started waking up just to eat. If it isn't upsetting your daughter (i.e. she'll go back to sleep easily without the bottle) then she probably is ok to sleep through the night. If not she may be going through a growth spurt (or just hungry) in which case the bottle is a good thing... just try not to let her turn it into an excuse for mom and dad to come play with her.

  • My instinct is that she's a little too young for crying out, and I don't think there's anything wrong with rocking her back to sleep. You usually see the behavioral issues toward the middle of the first year, when they're cognizant enough to realize when they cry mom and dad come running. It sounds to me like she's not really asking for food in the middle of the night, so much as reassurance. 

  • When i brought my son home his doctor told me to feed him every 2-3 hours untill midnight then only feed him when he is hungry so that way he doesnt get his days and nights mixed up. That worked amazingly hes slept all night every night since he was 5weeks old. your daughter may just need to changd and recovered but if you can help it dont turn lights or other things on that may mke her think its play time. and i was also ld dont talk to them much at night so they dont wake up even more.

  • I would check with your pediatrician. A lot of it depends on the baby. By 3 to 4 months of age, it should be okay. If your pedi says it is okay to comfort him other ways, then I think you should be fine.

  • I have used the "Baby Whisperer Solves All Your Problems" book system for both my children. THey were both sleeping through the night (7:30pm to 8am) and were on a predictable routine by 10 weeks. I highly recommend this book for sleep problems/ troubleshooting. It works wonders. ( I didn't do everything the book recommends, but for the scheduling/ routine /feeding and getting baby to sleep it is amazing.) Just a suggestion- it worked really well for us.