Skin care for baby

  • My son is two months old.  I took him to the doctor this week and everything is fine with him besides his face.  He is getting the red dots on his face.  His skin is getting dry a bit more everyday.  I used vaseline and it did not help.  This is our first baby and we want to risk to try everything that we are not familiar with. Anyone knows what is good for the baby's skin?  Thank you.

  • I'll suggest u try baby oil for sensitive skin

  • See if your pedi has any Eucerin samples. My pedi swears it's really good for baby skin and has lots of little tubes for patients.

  • Did your pedi say he had baby acne? If it is just dry skin, any unscented lotion will be okay. If he has baby acne on his face and you use lotion or oil, it will make it worse. It is possible for a baby to have dry skin on their body and still have baby acne on their face.

  • my little girl (who is 2 months also) has the exact same problem-dry skin! i put vasoline on her face very frequently and it helps, but the pediatrician recommended eucerin- said it works really well and is ideal for sensative skin.