Minor bumps for a 4 month old

  • I was wondering if other parents are as paranoid as I am about minor bumps on the head. This morning, as I was babysitting our son, he flipped from his back to his belly. As I was helping him flip back on his back, he flopped quickly and his head hit the carpet. He started to cry, but I held him and he never really got the cry out. 

    Other times, as my wife or I am burmping him, he will do a head butt for not reason against our chin or face. 

    Anyway, he seems to be fine, and I generally try and watch his head, but any other parent's experience with this?

    I hate to have him wear a helmet, and that seems a bit much, but sometimes I wonder. . . 

  • As a pediatric nurse I can tell you that you are not alone. I do at least two bumped head calls every time I work. What you are describing is not dangerous at all. I PROMISE!! Big Smile If I had a dollar for every time one of my children bumped their head I would have all my debts paid off and could quit working. LOL. On a side note, they do make infant head gear. I actually found some for a couple with an autistic child a few weeks ago.