Triplets anyone??

  • My triplets (3 girls) are 9 1/2, born 12/17/99.  I am expecting number 7 (a boy). 

    I can say that each step of the children's life gets easier, and it gets different.  I was just commenting to my husband today that this stage is so nice, they are independent and best friends.  All my children are looking forward to helping mom with the new baby, due in August.

    I have done a lot of things with my triplets, outings, vacations, grocery shopping, the zoo, the pool, so if you want to ask me questions, please do.



  • I dont even have twins, but to take on three babies at once, you all deserve a medal. I don't know how you do it!

  • I have 8 months baby he is very active he makes me tired all the time, He does not sleep during the day his first nap is about 5 in the afternoon, the good thing is that he weaks up at 9 in the morning and sleep throug the night.

    Congratulations you must be a wonderful patient mother, capable to do all that, i cannot imagen my life with multiples, but I love my little one.


  • I just found out this morning that I am expecting triplets!  I knew this was defiantly a possiblity with going through invetro but I'm in shock that it actually worked and I am going to have 3 at one time!  Any suggestions for the early pregnancy?

  • my advice having recently experienced triplets would be go w/ your emotions for a few days..  allow yourself to freak out and then focus on preparing for the arrival of three little lives.  It is an overwhelming experience one that you have to live through to understand.  There will be good days and bad days but just remember that you are growing not one but three little people that will forever be part of your family and getting them here healthy and happy depends on you taking care of yourself and being prepared.  It gets easier to cope w/ the scariness...  good luck keep me posted and please take care of yourself!!! 

  • Also do what ever you need to do to get ready sooner rather than later. I went to 35 weeks and wasn't on bedrest at all but I was exhausted and felt terrible!! So know that you may not feel great toward the end and you want to be somewhat prepared for their arrival.. So do as much as you can for as long as you can... and try to enjoy it.