• i heardsomewhere that we are not supposed to use baby powder anymore because the baby will inhale the dust and i guess that causes problems. i was wondering; has anyone else heard this? if so what was the reason? do you all use baby powder? i can't remember where i got this information from so i'm not 100% sure it's accurate.

  • Studies have shown that baby powder can be harmful to a baby's lungs. Talc is worse than cornstarch, but even cornstarch should be used carefully. It is best to use just a small amount of cornstarch if needed and keep it away from your baby's face. You do not want a cloud of powder in the air, because your baby will inhale it into his/her lungs. I've used cornstarch on my children's fat rolls during hot weather. I always put a tiny amount on my fingers and rubbed it in that way.

    I hope this helps!

  • Everything I've heard is that cornstarch is the safest and you are not supposed to shake it onto the baby.  You should pour it into your hand then rub it on their skin if you're worried about them being too damp.  That keeps it from being in the air where they can breath it.

  • Has anyone EVER heard of a kid sick due to cornstarch???

    I say the medical world is overreacting.  I am having my third child and will use J&J cornstarch with every diaper change. My oldest is 18, second is 13 and have never had any lung issues! As a matter of fact, my 13 nieces and nephews are just fine too! JMO

  • well i too agree with momsthree. Medical science is really over reacting to everything.