Baby Pictures

  • I am a photo FREAK ( i do wildlife photography when i get a break ) And my advice to you is break out that camera and go get some scrapbooking supplies and go crazy with it and make you some good scrapbooks. One that you and your little one can look back on and laugh and remember. Thats what i do and it is completly worth it. And DONT feel bad about not having family photos done. I havent either and my baby girl is almost 6 months old but the scrapbooks definitly make up for it. Try it its alot of fun!!!

  • Don't feel bad. I don't think we've ever had a family portrait taken!

  • That makes me feel a lot better. So am I the only one who hasn't finished (okay, started) a baby book for a child who is almost two? Embarrassed

  • Its allright its never to late to start one Big Smile trust me its a lot of fun !!

  • Call me crazy, but I absolutely HATE scrapbooking!  I tried it in high school and could never build enthusiasm for it and ended up with a couple pages that really just didn't speak to me.  Now that my son is here everyone keeps saying I should make him a scrapbook, but I dread the idea of sitting with all his pictures, stickers, paper, and markers without any idea of what to do with them.  Instead I've got a small 4x6 photo book and some stickers, and it's been fun without being creatively overwhelming.  I can put his pictures into the book with a sticker on them or cut up a couple pictures and make a small collage all without feeling any pressure to make it a masterpiece.  My mother and sister are disappointed in my lack of enthusiasm for scrapbooking, but this is my way of cataloguing our memories and it's very special to me which is what is important. 

  • If you are crazy, I am too! I do the exact same thing you do. If I try to "scrapbook" I feel like a failure. I am not creative at all. Plus, it can get expensive and is time consuming.

  • This thread is a little bit outdated, but brought up points we're about to put into effect here in the next 2 weeks...

    Our son was born at the start of May and even prior to birth has been a ham for the camera.  (His ultrasounds at 6 moths went from bashful and shy to something similar to a child pressing their faces to a window (expression included) and settled into a profile shot to end the show.)  Since he was brought home, there's been so many candid and ad-libbed shots - some captured... some "just a second too late" which got me thinking about alternatives.

    Now that he's moving toward his fourth month, so many things are in root to change or have already begun, so I've planned to mount cameras in the areas he spends most of his waking hours...  his room, dad's den and of course, the living room where mom spends a good portion of her day, using these cameras (similar to web-cams) to zoom in where you'd normally find him - his swing, bouncer, crib and others.

    For those not wanting to go those extra thousand miles (first child -- daddy here's a sucker! :) ) I'd recommend getting out the camcorder and plenty of stock (tapes, etc.), and leave it running.  As with the diapers, change when necessary.  You may burn a two hour tape and nothing "spectacular" takes place...  but those rare moments (you know the ones -- those snapshots you WISH you had taken!) are worth the recording!

    With a relatively inexpensive device, you can plug your camcorder into your computer and "crop out" just the piece of video you want OR...  for the photo enthusiast who wants stills...  get only the one frame from the video with the best quality!  (Take the stills, burn 'em onto CD and viola'!  Instant photo CD to take to get prints made from or print at home!)