Babies and pets

  • When I was pregnant with my son I had a dog that was my baby. We studied up on how to prepare her for our son’s arrival and did things like expose her to his clothes and toys. We just knew she would be his best friend forever. We could not have been more wrong! After my son arrived she would huff, puff, and pout each time he was near. She even growled at him! We eventually had to find her a new home and we now have a lab who adores our children. What are your experiences with pets and babies?

  • I had a Jack Russel and a Chihuahua when I was pregnant with my daughter and I treated them both like they were babies.  I had to get rid of the Jack Russel before I had my daughter, he was just way too hyper to try to have around a small baby.  My chihuahua acted like my daughter's little guard dog.  Almost all of her newborn pictures include him.  He acted like he really wanted to protect her.   I was a single mom then and anytime a man would come into the house or get too close to my daughter, he would growl at them.  Sadly, I had to get rid of him when I moved back in with my parents for a year.  He was such a great dog and I'd love to have another like him.  Right now we just have a cat.  My daughter had a lab puppy for awhile last summer, but she's not really ready to have a dog.  She tries to play too rough and sometimes it gets to the point of being mean.  She's been around my mom's two dogs for 4 years and she's still that way with them sometimes too.  Any idea when she might get past that?  i thought for sure the end would be coming, but when our cat had kittens she was mean to them too.

  • my husband and i had a 3 yr old lab and 2 yr old shepherd mix. they were like our babies. they even sleep in our bed. when i got pregnant our lab used to sleep beside me and she always licked and caressed my hair. when i gave birth and when we came home from the hospital, initially our 2 dogs got awkward with having the baby around. i noticed our lab that she's kinda jealous because of the attention were giving to our baby. she will place herself far from us or simply stay alone by herself. i'm hurting because i dont want her to feel that way. so what i did, i tried everyday to let my dogs stay close to my baby and let them sniff or smell his clothes and now, they were friends! they love to lick his toes and they always watch over my baby with love.

  • We have a 5 yr old lab which got a lot of attention from my husband & myself but since I had the baby I really don't  get to spend much time with him anymore.   I have tried taken the baby around him to  help him get adjusted to her but he acts like he wants nothing to do with the her.   I think he is just jealous of the time she has taken away from me spending with him.  I'm hoping by the summer he will want to play with her some because I hear labs are really good dogs to have if you have children. Big Smile