5 months Baby still wakes up twice at night.

  • Broken Heartim sorry!

    my son is three and a half months old now.

    He sleeps 9-5 or 6 am every night.

    I give him the night time bath every night,

    nurse and give a few ounces of formula,

    swaddle him,

    lay him in his crib with the pacifier,

    put his beatles baby rendition cd on repeat low volume and turn his fan on.

    once i got all that down is when he started sleeping through the night

    give it a shot the soothing lullabys and white noise of the fan really helps!


  • StrongDad is right, if you want her in her crib then you want to transition her as soon as you can. The longer you wait the harder it will be. My daughter is 8 months old and still sleeping with me. Initially that started when she was about 4 months old and had RSV. We had to spend a couple of days in the hospital and it made me very paranoid about her breathing (when we came home I still had to watch her and give her occassional breathing treatments) so putting her in her crib, where I couldn't see her, drove me crazy. Being a single mom meant needing to be able to get more sleep than my paranoia over her breathing would allow me so she moved into my bed where I could keep an eye on her.

    Truthfully, having her there works for me lol. We both sleep better than either of us did when she was in her bassinett before she got sick. She seems to like the comfort of knowing I am there and I just flat out like having her there. Granted it's not a sleeping arrangement that would work well for everyone but I'm a single mom so it's not like I am trying to find a way to have "alone time" with a husband. ~shrugs~

    As for getting your daughter to sleep through the night, the white noise is a HUGE help. As someone else said, it helps to block out the other sounds in the house without being a distraction in and of itself. Also, how much does she weight? When my Peyton was younger I asked my pedi about when to expect her to sleep through the night and was told that some of it had to do with how much they weigh. The way it was explained was that they need to reach a certain body mass before they can really go off that midnight feeding...I believe it was around 12-14lbs but you would want to ask your own pediatrician.

    A routine is also good. For us it's: Playtime till 6pm, then a nice warm bath, (if she seems wide awake still she'll get some tummytime before I put her diaper and pj's on her just to let her whole body get some air, if she seems sleepy it's into the jammies with her right out of the tub), then her evening bottle around 630pm and being rocked to sleep around 7pm. Granted the times can vary a bit for us depending on what is going on that day (a later afternoon nap may push things back or skipping one push things up for example) but that is out general scheme and it helps her to learn that it is bedtime. 

    In the end though, she'll sleep through the night when she's ready and all our suggestions may help or not. One of the dad's I work with has an 18 month old daughter who STILL won't sleep through the night! He says he hates me every time I ask him if she's gotten better yet because mine has slept through the night pretty much since she was about 3 months old. Hehehe. :)