thumb sucking

  • my 5 month old twin boy has started thumb sucking im am very concerned and would like any ideas on how to deter that habit before he gets too old.  thumb and finger sucking is a big hereditary issue inn my family on my mothers side many of my moms family have taken their finger sucking into adulthood. please help me to help him.

  • You can't really do anything to discourage thumb sucking at this age. You might try a paci, but pediatricians advise against using anything else to stop it. They say they grow out of it by five or six. I know you said your family had a history of continuing much later than that. I would give him a few years and then see what your pediatrician advises for stopping it. There are thumb guards and even devices that the dentist can place to keep an older child from thumb sucking. However, in the early years it can be traumatic to take it away.

  • My 4 year old still sucks her thumb.  When she was a baby I tried to deter her with a pacifier, but she wasn't having it at all!  I'd say to let it run it's course and then follow the other posters suggestions when it's time to break the habit.

  • My daughter has recently started sucking her thumb (usually when her pacifier is unavailable). If it continues I'm not certain what we will do, most certainly we will consult our physician but hopefully it can be discoraged easily. I'm interested in hearing what has worked for other parents...