Okay Ladies--we all have them! Share your Labor and Delivery Story!

  • Having my children was by far the biggest milestones in my life. Nearly every mother I meet loves to tell the story about how her child was born. Some moms had marathon labors, while others barely made it to the hospital. How did your newest little bundle of joy arrive? Was it what you thought it would be?

  • I love to tell my story.

    I started dialating and effacing at 33 weeks so I had 4 weeks of almost bedrest. Still going to work, but sat and laid down and did nothing physical. At my 37 week appointment I was 2cm and 90% and the doctor told my DH to make sure he had everything ready, not to go out of town, and he would be shocked if I was still pregnant by the time my next appointment rolled around ... that was friday.

    Monday I had lunch with my mom and she told me (jokingly) if I could help it, to not have the baby until Thursday since my dad was out of town. At 1:30 I started having contractions, but it was the pattern that everyone tells you about. They would be 15, then 10, then 8, then 5, then 3, then back to 12 minutes apart. This went on for an hour and I called my doctor.  The nurse said to keep an eye on them and see if they leveled out or went away and to call back in an hour.  They kept with the same crazy pattern so the nurse told me to go to L&D and get checked out.  I was POSITIVE that they were going to send me home. I called DH, told him not worry, call my mom and told her the same thing, just going to get monitored, sure I'll be home in a few hours.

    I was now 3cm and 100%. They monitored for 4 hours and the same wacky pattern kept up, and at the end of the 4 hours I was 3.5cm and they decided I was staying the night.

    Obviously DH was with me at the point, and my mom came too. I labored until around midnight on the birthing ball and walking around.  Fell asleep around 1. Woke up at 4 with contractions right on top of each other.  I woke DH up and we took a shower together. Around 6 the doctor came and checked me and I was 5cm and we decided to break my water and get things going.

    That was when I decided that I needed an anesthesiologist like 5 minutes ago.

    Around 10 they checked me again and I was 10cm and ready to push.

    I pushed for 2 hours and at 12:14 on September 14th, my son was born. It was really and truly amazing :)

  • I had a beautiful, drug-free labor and birth with the help of my doula and husband.  Not everything went according to my written birth plan, but I'm still happy with how things turned out.  I was able to move around a lot, get into comfortable positions, eat ice chips, sit on the balance ball, squat, get massages with scented oil, listen to my Ipod and watch flickering electric candles. 

    I was so energized and happyafterward.  I scarfed down part of my dinner then asked my husband to give the baby back to me.  I nursed her while he finished feeding me my dinner.

    I want my next birth to be drug-free and assisted by a doula and my husband.  I hope to do it at home or at a birthing center rather than a hospital.

  • I kept waking up Friday night from back pain (about every 3 hours).  This was my first pregnancy so I didn't really know what to expect.  I didn't really know anything about back labor, and thought the baby was just sitting on a nerve or something.  All day long I continued to have these pains in my back.  Once again I never bothered to monitor them, since I wasn't feeling any tightening of my stomach.  They continued to get worse throughout the day and into the evening.  Needing a distraction, I decided to go shopping since walking seemed to help.  I only spent about an hour in the store, then went home since shopping didn't really distract me all that much.  I went home and took a bath, and then a shower.  Nothing seemed to work.  Finally around 9:00 that night I started keeping track of the frequency and duration, just in case.  The frequency ranged from 9 min to 3 min apart, but they never stayed consistent.  Just before midnight I decided to call my doctor, since the only thing that would help the pain was standing and clenching all my muscles together.  After talking to the doctor on call, she felt I should go in and get checked.  I was sure the baby was just positioned funny and I would be sent home, but off we went to the hospital.  We arrived around 1:15 Sunday morning (we live about 45 min away).  The nurse came in to check me, and had me guess how dilated I was.  I honestly thought maybe one or two cm, because I hadn't been dilated at my appointment that Wednesday.  The nurse laughed at my response, and said "honey, you're going to have a baby tonight.  You're 8 cm dilated."  She then asked if I wanted an epidural, because I didn't have much time left to get one if I wanted one.  I decided to get an epidural, because although I was able to handle the pain level I was in, I was afraid it would get worse, and wanted to relax a little before I had to deliver.  I fell asleep, and was woken up when the nurse came in checked me one last time before telling me it was time to push.  After 25 min of pushing, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, baby girl.  She has captured my husband's and my heart.  She was 7lbs 13 oz, and 21.25 inches long.  She has the longest fingers and toes I've ever seen! 

  • Right when I woke up my back hurt.  I was painting the baby room and doing some things outside.  My back was continuing to hurt but I didnt think too much of it.  I went to walmart and came home and sat down and decided I needed to rest because my back pain had gotten much worse and I had troubles early on in my pregnancy so I thought I should just rest.  Well they got worse so I called the doctor and he said to come in and they would check me.  Well I dilly dallied around because this would have been my 5th time going to the emergency room since I had gotten pregnant.  I finally went up there at 6:30 PM.. talked to nurse etc.. my mom and i thought it was a bladder infection.  Doctor came in to check me and I could tell by the look on his face it wasnt good.  He said I was in labor and my baby was trying to come out.  They gave me medicine to try and stop it.  They tilted my bed so my feet were in the air.  Then I felt the water sac coming.  They were pumping me full of fluids, steroids, anything.. they had to put a catheter in me .. they were doing an ultrasound to see if babys head was facing down (which it was thank the lord).. they had me try to push out my water sac.. then the doctor broke it.. i fell asleep for like 10 minutes.. pushed and my baby came out.  All I could do was stare at the ceiling and wait..... wait.......... then I heard her make a squeak.. they rushed her out of the room once her breathing tube was in.. doctor said she had under a 10 percent chance of living... I was rushed down for a DNC cause the placenta wouldnt come out... I was discharged 12 hours later.. my baby stayed in the NICU.. we were then flown to Minneapolis where she lived in the NICU for 4 months....

    And that is my labor and delivery story of how I gave birth to my daughter Bella when I was only 23 weeks along in my pregnancy.  She was born weighing 1 lb 4 oz and was 11 3/4 inches long.  I cry when I read this.  But am happy to say she is home with us now and is 7 lbs 5 oz and 18 and a half inches long!!!

    Needless to say... I do not want to have anymore children.  It was the most painful, scariest thing I have ever gone through.

  • Well I delivered my son in September of 2008.......

    I was siiting at my house when I started to get cramps in my back that were then followed by a slight cramp in my belly. I called my doctor and she said to time them for about 2hrs then call her back. I did just that and they were about every 3 minutes apart but they weren't bad. I called her back let her know what was going on and she had me go to the hospital so she could exam me and see what to do. When I got to the hospital I was 3 cm dialated and she decided to break my water and get the contractions started into full gear. I was admitted to the hospital, got setup in the room I would deliver and was just relaxing with my husband and mother in law watching TV. My nurse came in and asked how bad the contractions were and I told her that they had gotten stronger but weren't bothersom yet. She informed me that she was going to exam me and see how for I was dialated, I was 5 cms. She informed me that even though I could stand the contractions with no problem that she advised that I get the epidurial now if I was gonna get one. I agreed and got it done then. I was expecting this bad pain at first when they were giving it to me but it felt like a little bee sting so that helped to calm my fears. Once the epidurial was given about 30 minutes later I had this extreme pain in my back. I called in the nurse and she said to press the button to administer more medication. She hit it like 5 times then when my regular nurse came in she examed me once again. I went from 5 to 8 cm in 30 min. About 20 minutes after that ans I was comfortable again my epidurial once again stopped working and my back was in terrible pain, turns out not only was I having normal contractions but back labor also. They got the epidurial to work again, examed me and told me it was time to push but I had to wait for the epidurail to wear off some so I could feel me pushing. Started pushing and got real close to delivering when I was told to stop pushing because the doctor was delivering another baby!!!!! My husband got sent out of the room due to him being upset that I was in pain and there was nothing he could do for me. They told me to start pushing again but I refused until my husband was back in the room cause I wanted him there for the delivery of our first son.....he came back I started to push again when the doctor got in the room and was having a hard time. The doctor had turned around and got a needle and I freaked out!! I sat up as far as I could put my hand over my "down under" and asked what that was for!!! Turns out I needed to get an episotomy to allow more room for my son to be delivered. She cut me and when she turned around to put the scissors back on the table, my son didnt want to wait for her to turn back around and came on out...thank god she still had on hand down there!! There he was 8 lbs 8 oz  21 1/2 inches long. Turned out he was "sunnyside up" (looking at the ceiling instead of the floor) and thats why labor was so tough. Had a tough and painfull labor but it was all worth it!! <3 Now we are gonna go threw it all again come end of June when we have our 2nd child!!

  • I had my first this past August. The week before my due date I was not dilated at all so the doctor scheduled me to be induced. We arrived at the hospital Sunday evening as scheduled. The nurse inserted a medication that was supposed to soften the cervix and said it may cause "cramping". I barely slept that night, between the hourly trips to the bathroom that required me to unhook all of the monitors and the excitement of knowing soon I'll get to hold my little boy. Woke up early Monday morning and found out the med didn't do anything and I was still not dilated! They started some other meds and around 8am the doctor broke my water hoping that would move things along. The contractions started and I had already decided pain free is for me. I love the idea of all natural but I don't want the pain. So for about 8 hours I laid in bed watching the monitors feeling some pressure from contractions but mostly felt like I was made of Jello from the waist down. Baby not moving down and still barely dilating. Finally the doctor decided that maybe my pelvis is too small for the baby to pass through and that is why he's not moving down so they moved me over to another room and did a c-section. Strangest feeling ever. After all that, finally hearing him cry was the sweetest noise ever!

  • I remember i was sitting in a chair surfing the internet when i leaned forward and sneezed and thought I had peed myself. LOL  I then realized my water had broke.  So i then went to the hospital and on the way I was expecting the worse. Everyone would tell me their horror stories. And i thought oh No here it comes the pain!! It was about 2PM when I had arrived at the hospital.  They examed me and took me to the labor and delievery room.. They then put me on a slow pitocin drip.. I had no pain what so ever. I'm like come on where is this pain everyone was telling me about.. I was in labor for about  9 hours when some pain came on. I then told the anesthesiologist I'm ready for an epidural. I didnt want to find out how much pain i could take.. So in total i was in labor for 28 hours and slept through majority of it.. I pushed for like 20 mins and thats it.. I'm so glad it wasn't as bad as i thought it would be!! 

  • These are GREAT!!! Keep em' comin! I actually went into labor with my third child during the middle of a snow storm. My husband had to shovel 7 inches of snow out of the driveway before we could drive to the hospital! He is three years old today!

  • I had my son in July 2002. It still seems like yesterday I was in the hospital giving birth to him. I was on the phone when I had this urge to go to the bathroom so I told my son's father I had to go. I ran to the bath room and did not make it. I thought I had peed myself and on the poor dogs bed that was on the way to the bathroom. So the logical thing for me to do was go to take a shower. After the shower I started to get back pain and the pain only got more intense. I did not know what was going on since my son was not due to late August. I woke up my mother to inform her Mom I think my water broke. She jumped out of her bed and drove me to the hospital. A little side store. I had just moved into my mothers house from another city to my home town. So all son;s things were still in boxes. I moved on a Friday and I went into labor on Sunday. I had a doctors appointment to meet my new doctor on Monday. I show up to the hospital with all my paper work from my previous doctor. I was checked by the nurse and she told me that my water had broke. I was in labor. Since this was my first child I went in there thinking I want a natural birth no drugs please. With in one hour I was singing a different tune. I wanted drugs now. The pain was so intense. Nothing like those birthing classes that say the pain will be gradual. On no this was full force and worst back labor. I went in at midnight and I had to wait until the morning for the anthsealogist to give me a epidural. Well the first time I had my epidural it was not inserted right so I had to get him to come back again. After that the epidural was working but it stopped the labor. So the epidural had to be gradually removed to induce the labor again. And 18 hours later I had my baby boy.He was born a healthy boy. We did have to stay 5 days in the hospital since he was born 5 weeks early.


    I just had my second child in October her birth was induced. All was going well until my water broke and the pain was full force. I was in tears. But I was not dilated enough to get a epidural. Well after sitting in a tub full of boiling water. I was dilated enough to get my epidural and in a total of 10 hours from the time I checked into the hospital until I was holding my baby girl.


    My pain is so intense since both of my births are considered back labor. Lucky to those who do not get the intense pain.

  • I love reading these - keep them coming, ladies! It is so great to read about everyone's experiences. I labored on and off for three days and finally called my OB because I was so exhausted from not sleeping. We went in and she stripped my membranes and about one hour later things really got going. I headed to the hospital for an epidural - got there about 4 pm and slept for a while after having the epidural and delivered at 11:37 pm - no pain from the epidural! It was SO surreal to have my boy here...I couldn't really wrap my head around the fact that he was here and he was MINE. :-)

  • i love telling my story on how it happened< it all started on Sept.15 i woke to have a little uncomfortable feeling in my belly and decided to take a shower to see if that helped it did some but around noon i started have braxton hick contractions so i called my doctor and she had me come in that day to be checked and she was surprised cause the week before i was only just starting to thin out and now im at 2cm and she said she belives its early labor pains and she would not be surprised if i had the baby dureing the weekend or sooner, so she suggested that i go walk around wal-mart to see if the contractions stop and they did but my lower back was still hurting really bad but when ever we got home i took a nap because i had a feeling i had a long night ahead of me i awoke from my nap still hurting some but not as bad as before so i went and took a bath then afterwards i went to try and lay down again when i finally found a comfortable postion my water broke!! i jumped out of bed and went and told my hubby that its time to go to hostpital, we get to the hostpital aat about 10:30 p.m. they hooked me up to all of the machines and gave me something to kinda help with the pain but it only lasted 15 minutes at the most before the contractions got worse so the nurse decided to check to see how far along i was and all of a sudden i went from 2 to 7cm in a hour but i still had to wait for the epidural cause my blood work hadn't made it back yet at this point everybody on labor and delivery could hear me screaming because of the pain!! finaly they say i can get my epidural and it was the best thing in the world!!! i didn't feel the pain anymore which was great, so im just sitting there waiting for the big moment now. well at about 4:00 a.m. the nurse comes back and checks on me and says "sweetie its time to get ready to start pushing shes made it down the birth canal and is right at the end!' at 4:54 they have me start pushing and 6 good pushes later at 5:03 a.m. my beautiful daughter was born on Sept.16 and i was one of the lucky ones i was only in labor for 7 hours and it was my first child! the funny thing is i was supposed to go to the doctor on the 16 the day she was born but she decided to come early at 38 weeks

  • Well my first in 2008 I had a natural delivery with drugs of course but it was still wonderful it went so great with no complication.Then when I had found out I was pregnant with my second child @ the beginning of last year I was so excited and I was bound and determined to have a natural delivery with no drugs and everybody was telling me not to.Well I went to the doctor for a checkup and my blood pressure was sky high so they sent me to the hospital to be induced.So when they started the induction and I started to dilate i wanted the drugs but then my nurse coached me through it and I went the whole time with anything and I jusrt couldn't believe how smooth it went.I know if I have another baby i will it again. 

  • I dilated and effaced over a period of a few weeks. The only pain I felt then was when I was sitting down sometimes and it felt like she was trying to push out of me. Finally,at 4.5 dilated the doc said I could get induced the next day. Around 6-7am..I was late getting there..I went in and got a couple rounds of antibiotics because I had the bacteria present in most women..I don't even remember what it is called anymore.

    She's telling me I am having contractions that I barely even feel. Last doc appointment I had baby was in right position. They did a sono to check baby..and she also did a physical exam. My babe was shoulder first. She attempts to turn her from belly. but no go. She didn't want to wait too much longer she wanted to do a c-section

    . OH,did I mention that while she was checking me it hurt sooo bad. It felt like I had to pee so bad but couldn't.  While she was checking me my water broke..There was mecconium (sp) in the waters. At 6-6.5 cm dilated she said I could have epidural anytime..but then you know my water breaks and they want the csection so they stop the pit and I get wheeled to the surgery room. get my epidural. which is one of the weirdest feeling..like I can feel it in there moving but no pain.there is a pressure in my back.

     My lower body gradually goes numb.I can remember thinking at times , I hope they don't cut me open now..you know because i could still feel. But then no feelings, arms are even a bit lead like. My boyfriend is right next to me.They would only let one person in my mom didn't get to go in. Then lots of tugging they said took a lot to get her out..and then when she was all most out I felt big shoves.  I told them that if i wasn't numb i would have fell off the table. Then finally my little girl is out..I still can't see her but they take her and suction and check then I hear her cry. and then they ask..Do you want to hold your girl..and I say yes...they where talking to him though.they put her on his lap to hold and i see my baby for the first time and I am so surprised at how beautiful my baby girl is. I am so happy.

      I was in the hospital for 4 days. She weighed 8Ibs 14oz. was 21 1/2 in. long. She was red as a beet except maybe her hands and maybe feet. the healing of my stitches was not fun at all. I still have limited feeling  in the area of the cut.

  • I had a pregnancy with several complications.  I am 35 years old and have diabetes.  In the past few years I have had 2 other children (9/08,10/09) both were delivered by C-section so I knew this one would be too.  My most recent pregnancy (son born 1/27/11) was far from my typical situation.   Because I am high risk I was monitored by a Perinatologist in addition to my regular OB/GYN.  During my last visit to the Perinatologist (36w1d) he noticed that my son's growth rate had declined to the 6%.  The next morning he contacted my OB/GYN's office and told them I needed to be delivered ASAP.  I didn't realize any of this was going on.  I actually work for the hospital that I delivered my son in.  I was having lunch with a friend in the hospital cafeteria when I got a phone call from the OB's office that said I would need to deliver my son on the Monday the following week, I was a bit scared because I have been putting off on preparing for this baby and started making a mental list of the things I had to do over the upcoming weekend to prepare for the new baby.  Well that was short lived.  No sooner as I hung up the phone, but I got another call, this time from L&D asking me where I was in the hospital.  I told the nurse and within a couple of minutes my OB was right in front of me asking me when I ate last and how much that was.  He told me that he didn't want to wait until the following Monday to deliver my baby and that he was going to consult the anesthesiologist to see how long I needed to wait to deliver the baby.   15 minutes later I got a call from L&D that said to be back there in one hour to be prepped for my surgery.  Talk about unexpected!  I had 1 hour to give my hubby a list of what to bring to the hospital and to go and turn in my leave paperwork and change my voicemail and email out of office message.  All that while trying to absorb the fact that I was going to be meeting my little boy in a couple of hours rather than a few days or weeks as I had expected. 

    The surgery (my 3rd) was by far the easiest C-section I have had. My son was born with some trouble breathing to he was admitted to the NICU and put on a ventilator.  By the time my spinal wore off I was (about 6 hours) I was in the NICU looking at my sweet little boy.  I can't believe how easy the surgery was this time around.  I was blessed for that!  My son ended up being in NICU for 12 days.  He has been home a little over a week now and I am SO glad to have him.  He's an amazing little boy.  Such a good nature and surprisingly enough he smiles all the time!