Okay Ladies--we all have them! Share your Labor and Delivery Story!

  • Everybody tells me mine was very easy for a first time mom.

    I was dilated 2cm at my 35th week and 36 week. I also was having contractions for 4 days before my water broke. It was 12:30am and I was sleeping at the time and woke up with a contration and I felt a pop and was like "oh, there goes my water. that's what it feels like. " I yelled for my husband that we have to go now. We quickly gather all our stuff and left. We didn't get to the hospital till after 1am. ( it was a 40 min drive ) Finally got into a room araound 3am i think. Got the epidural and was still 2cm dilated. At this point I figured I would be here forever. Then at 5amthe nurse comes in and says I'm ready to push, butthey have to go find the doctor. Well, the doctor comes in around 6am and my baby girl comes out at 6:41am!!!! I did not feel any pain at all. The doctors had to tell me when to push because I could not even feel the pressure or anything for the contractions.

  • Our daughter Maya did not want to come out of my belly, she was a week late and my doctor finally scheduled me to be induced. on 1/17/11 my hubby and I began our trip to our hospital and arrived at 5:45am. By 6:30 my doctor broke my water and then I was told to walk for 2 hrs. then I was given petossin and hours later still nothing. By 5pm i began to dilate and by 11pm I began to push.  Big problem was Maya was sideways on my left side and every time I pushed she would come out and then retract.  By 2am baby was stressed and my doctor told us that c-section was our only way to get her out safely. By 2:17am Maya was born.

    I felt disappointed that I could not deliver her vaginally almost a failure, plus I was so scared if something happened to me my husband would be a single dad.  I cried of joy when I heard her little voice scream out her first breath of air. My husband almost knocked over my IV when he went over to see her being cleaned up.

    I guess I was trying to have this wonderful experience, but such in life things don't always work out the way you want it to. She is so beautiful and healthy and amazing.

  • So this is ow my story goes....

    My labor was actually induced due to me being in forst stage of preeclampsia. I went to my doctor on a thursday got some tests done and got a call from him on that saturday morning at around 9...i was in Babies R Us when i got this call. Turns out my doctor told me i had to go admit myself in the hospital because i was going to be induced due to how my results came out. I was pretty scared but with the help of my husband i felt a little more relaxed about the hole thing. I admitted myself in the hospital at around noon, and they started inducing me at around 8p.m. The next day Sunday it was all happening really slowly. When i got to the hospital i was already 1 cm dialated and it took forever to move from there. So at around 5 my mom and sister went to go visit me and they told me that i should walk to see if any change hapens, so i did. Me and my husband walked around the floor for about 15 minutes then i started cramping really bad,so i told my husband we shud go back to the room because these silly little cramps are begginig to hurt me real bad, so we decided to go back to our room. As the minutes passes those "silly little cramps" as i said turned out to be some haard contractions! My nurse came and checked me and i was barely 3 cm dialated, this happened at around 7pm. At around 8:30pm i felt something pop and i felt water gushing down my legs! So i quickly turned to my husband and told him OMG help me up either i just peed myself or my water just broke!! So he literally sprinted to go get the nurse! She came and checked me turned out i  was 5 cm dialated! She asked me if i wanted an epidural and i dontknow what possesed my body to say NO! At around 9:30pm i called my nurse to give me the epidural because my contractions where unbearable, i was 6 cm when i got it. So when they finished giving it to me i felt nooo ease to my pain and my nurse told me to just wait about 15 mins to see if it kicks in. So i waited 30 mins and i felt the pain even stronger than before and my husband was so supportive during the hole time! So i asked him to tell the nurse that i was feeling no effect. The anesthesiologist came in at about 10:10pm and gave me the second epidural and OMG 10 mins later i was feeling sooooo good! so by thn i was still 6 cm. By 10:50 i was ready to push! this baby was coming full force! Now all we needed was the doctor he came in at 11! When he finally came in i didnt even wait for the 1 2 3 go i just pushed full force!!! after 19 mins of pushing my baby girl DAREYNA ELIZABETH TORRES was born on DECEMBER 19@11:19P.M that was the happiest day of my life! Now she is 2 months old and it seems as if just yesterday she was born.

  • With my first, I went into labor 5 days past my EDD. I went into the hospital and had an average birth with an epidural and no real complications. When it was all said and done I didn't really feel any certain way about my birth experience- it just kind of was what it was.

    With my second child, I learned  so much more about labor, birth, and the entire process surrounding it. A light bulb turned on for me and I knew what I wanted: a natural birth, free of medications or unnecessary medical interventions. I hired a doula and saw her several times throughout my pregnancy to gear up for what was to come. I also took natural childbirth classes with Birth Works International. They were incredibly informative and eye-opening. I went into labor 12 days past my EDD with baby number two (I did not want to be induced). I labored at home with my husband and doula for about 6 hours or so. My doula is also a midwife and she was able to check me for dilation- when we left for the hospital I was 8 centimeters open. I wasn't at the hospital long before my son was born completely naturally with no drugs and pretty much zero medical intervention. I was absolutely elated to reach my goal and was instantaneously in love with my baby in a way I didn't experience with my first birth. Amazing!

    When I became pregnant with my third child, I already knew that I wanted a homebirth with my previous doula as my midwife. My pregnancy was smooth and comfortable and I was simply confident in my ability to birth my child in what I felt was the most appropriate place in the world- my own home. I went into labor 8 days past my EDD. I woke up to use the restroom, had my first painful contraction of my entire pregnancy, and just under 4 hours later my baby boy was born in the comfort of my bedroom with my midwife and husband present. It was perfection and I am so grateful to God for that experience.

    I am now pregnant with my fourth child and I am planning my second homebirth with the same midwife. I am expectant of another beautiful turn out. :)

  • Believe it or not.  I had my third child at age 42.  My pregnancy was considered high risk because of my age and past medical history.  I remember the birth of my now 9 month old son like if it was yesterday. On my last trimester my OB was doing ultrasounds every week to make sure that the baby was ok.  It was two weeks before my due date and the day of my ultrasound.  I woke up that morning not feeling so good at all.  I just had been having small contractions for about 2 days and urinating "very" often which I it's normal when your pregnant. I remember telling my husband to go with me to my ultrasound appointment because I was having small contractions and did not feel ok to drive.  So my husband went to my ultrasound appointment.  It was at my ultrasound appointment that the technician told me that my amniotic fluid had gone done to a 3 which was "very low" and that I needed to speak to my OB. My husband and I were so nervous when waiting for my OB.  Then my OB walked into the room and asked me if I was leaking.  I said I was urinating alot, and at night I was waking up with wet underwear but I just thought that I was not making it fast enough to the restroom.  So that's when I heard the news your baby will be born today, that he was going to induce labor using Petosin. Today is the day!  Oh when I heard those words all I could think about was pain and that I wanted my son to be ok. I was so scared because my past two births I had "NO PAIN" medicine they were all natural.  So when we got to the hospital they checked me and I was 3 centimeters dialated so they started the petosin in small amounts.  She started it at three and then moved it up to 4.  I had never in my life experienced so much pain.  I mean the contractions were coming one after the other.  My OB came to the hospital to check on me I was 6 centimeters dialated and then half an hour past and he checked me again and I was 9 centimeters.  I remember talking to him and then all of a sudden I felt the urge to push.  The doctor keeped saying don't push we are not ready yet, but the urge was so strong that I did not care.  I felt my body was ready to push and I did.  The doctor barely had time to put on his gloves when he had to catch my son.  That's how fast it was.  The labor from beginning to end was only 4 1/2 hours.  But again this was my third child.  So for all you moms out there I think it gets easier after your first.  I am done having children.  But I can tell you one thing having a baby with NO EPIDURAL was well worth it.  I have three wonderful children that I love so much!!!  I have a 11 year old boy, 8 year old daughter and now my 9 month old son.  What a blessing they all are!!!!!!!!!!


  • I am so sorry that you had your baby so soon.  I would be just as scared because the baby is so little and so premature.  I am glad the baby is alive and doing well because no one should have to lose a child especially a newborn child.  Thank God this baby lived and the miracle that he brought yall.  I wish you the best.  Good luck in raising your child.

  • Congrats on your fourth pregnancy.  I hope the pregnancy goes great and everything is fine.  I wish you the best of luck on your second birth at home and i hope everything is just as you want it to be.  May God be with you on your next journey from start to finish.  Good luck.

  • I was sick and in bed for most of the pregnancy.  I lost 15 lbs while on bed rest and had just gained it back.  The day I went to the hospital, I felt great!  My husband and I went to dinner with some friends from out of town.  We had just finished dinner when I felt like I had to go to the restroom.  I couldn't get up.  I decided to give it a moment and try again.  A half a moment later, my water broke.  Of course, we were seated at the back of the restaurant and I would have to walk all the way to the front with my wet pants dripping everywhere.  (Bright side...I didn't have to clean it up!!!!!:)  I told my husband and our friends that my water broke and the looks I received followed by and I quote...are you sure?????  No!  There was a huge puddle of water on the floor, my pants were soaked, but maybe I just knocked over my glass of water.  Of course I was sure.  I told my husband to get the car and my friend to get our waitress or any staff she could find.  Our waitress comes over and asked where the glass was that broke.  I wanted to tell her that my hour glass figure broke several years ago, but she was also pregnant and she wasn't the type of person who would apreciated the joke.  The hospital was over thirty minutes away.  Fortunately, the birthing hospital was connected to a great children's hospital, which we were going to need.  We were on our way with our friends following us.  We prayed that we would make it to the hospital and placed our son in God's hands.  While checking into the birthing hospital, the lady asked why we were there.  I told her my water had broke.  I wanted to tell her the regular ER was full.  She calls back to the nurse who asks her how she knew, did she check, so the lady walks around, takes one look at my pants and tells the nurse she was pretty sure since I was still dripping.  We were taken right in, bypassing everyone else in the pregnancy waiting room.  They immediately went to work attempting to stop the birthing process or at least hold it off for awhile.  I was told by the nurse that I would be staying at the hospital on bed rest until our child was born.  Several doctors including the leading NICU doctor from the children's hospital came to see us.  Each doctor said the same thing that I would have to stay on bed rest until I was at least 34 weeks gestation.  My OB doctor came to tell me that if I would consent, she and the other doctors in her practice felt that I should be transferred to a special preemie doctor.  I didn't even know there was such a thing as a preemie doctor.  My new doctor comes in and explains that the cramps I've been having were actually contractions and that our son's vital signs were going down when a contraction would occur.  The problem was that his vital signs were not returning after the contraction completed its course.  She told me that I would be having an emergency c-section.  Great, I had just sent my husband home to get some rest, take a shower and pick me up a few items.    We called to find out that he hadn't made it to the parking garage and he was able to return immediately.  Within an hour our son was born.  The hospital had scheduled three teams...one for the delivery, one for my son and a transport team to take him to the children's hospital.  There were about 20 people in the OR.  Our son would end up staying in the hospital for 55 days.  Some would say this was a bad thing, but you have to look at the bright side...my son came with a walking, talking instruction manual in all of those nurses and lactation consultants.  How many parents wished they had a manual for their child.  If I have one piece of advice....always carry extra towels in your car where ever you go. 

  • i decided on a midwife rather than a doctor, so they ended up letting me go 21 days overdue when i finally said that i had enough and that i needed to be induced. so rather than being strapped to a bed with pitocin, i chose to be induced with some sort of gel that they placed on your cervix. i had pretty strong braxton hicks contractions starting at 18 weeks, but they didn't do much until about 38 weeks when i was 2cm dilated. i spent an entire thursday in an out of the hospital waiting to see if the gel would help any. it didn't change much, so they tried it again that night. i ended up having an allergic reaction to the gel and ended up being veryyyyy sore from my knees to my chest and unable to urinate on my own. so they used a catheter and sent me home when things died down for the night because of no progress. they planned to bring me in the following morning to break my water to see if that would work. my mucus plug ended up coming out at roughly 3am. i had planned to go to the hospital for 7am. my contractions (which felt exactly like braxton hicks so they didn't bother me at all, nor make me think that it was real labour) were irregular. so the midwife introduced me to the doctor that was going to break my water and set me up for the strip test to check out the baby. after the strip, i was told to go to the bathroom to try and have a bowel movement. so i was sitting on the toilet and all of a sudden my water broke! it was the most amazing thing that could ever happen at that point because if the doctor were to do it, i would be stuck in bed the whole time. this gave me some freedom. my contractions were doubling and tripling up so they rushed me to the delivery room because i was making progress FAST. i hopped in the bath and had my SO spray my bag with warm water from the hose while i was leaning over a medicine ball puking, haha. i ended up being in the bath for about 3.5 hours when it was time to push. i started pushing but i wasn't making very much progress because of the lack of room to open my pelvis so i ran to the bed and ended up pushing for half an hour. out came my little lily at 8lb10oz. i would do it all natural any day. (:

  • I was induced on feb 25 2011 at 10:00am and i was happy it was the day my baby girl was going to see her mother. Well my plan of natural childbirth didn't go as planned. They told me i was getting a IV with pitocin. After being on pitocin for 8 hours I asked for an epidural when i was 4cm( mind you  It took 8 hours to get to 4cm ). After they put in the epidural i was ok until around 2am and i started feeling pain again and i didnt know why. Im laying in the bed screaming at the top of my lungs in pain(at 6-7 cm now).Finally i told the doc im going to sit up in the bed. When i sat up my mom found out that the epidural had came out so for 2 hrs i was having straight labor pains!!! after they fixed it i was ok again and at 10:01am on feb 26 my daughter was born  yay !! That is after 24hrs and 1min of labor! Seeing her for the first time i forgot about all the pain. I feel that being 18 years old and giving birth vaginally has made me a stronger person.

  • I had my first a year ago...

    my labor was induced on April 7th, 3 weeks before my due date. i was diagnosed with preeclampsia. i don't really remember alot of the labor i got an epidural around 5 or 6cm and had my beautiful 6lb 6oz baby girl on april 8th at 5 in the morning. i now have nerve damage from the epidural and can't feel the spot right above my knee. i got pregnant with my second 2 months after my first was born.

    i was a day over due and went into labor at 5 in the morning, at about 730 i was at the hospital and to 7cm already, i decided not to have an epidural and risking more nerve damage i labored until about 2 oclock and finally made it to 9cm i was convinced to have a quick spinal tap to make it through the final stages of laboring and delivery. i was in the worst pain of my life and even the doctor thought i was in more pain then most laboring mothers are. once the spinal was in and my body relaxed the babies heart rate dropped to 35 everything happened so fast its still hard to process, the doctor rushed in and announced if the heart rate didn't come back up in 30 seconds i was going in for an emergency c-section, 2 seconds later i was being rushed away to the OR and my mom and husband were left shocked in the delivery room. 3 minutes later my beautiful baby boy was delivered, 9lbs 7oz on March 16th. turned out my placenta had started to seperate from my uterus which is why i was in so much pain and why Jackson's heart rate had dropped.

    i've had 2 kids in a year and though the labor and delivery's didn't happen as smoothly as my pregnancies did, i wouldn't change a second of any of it.

  • Gerber_M: What a story!! You've never really had an easy time of it - your attitude is so great and positive. It's amazing what mom's can suffer through for their children. :-)

  • I love to tell my story, and with the arrival of my next one, I'm anticipating this story. With my first I had a lot of preterm labor so I was in and out of the hospital a lot. The last time I went to the hospital, my husband and I got restless and went to climb the stairs at the hospital. After they released me, I went home and almost immediately my water broke. Not sure if it was my water or not (it was just trickling down my legs) I laid down for the night w/ a towel under me. I called the dr. the next day and they told me to come in immediately and get checked out. After dropping my husband off @ work, I went. The dr. checked me and said it was just urine. When I mentioned that I couldn't pee, he checked again, and said it really was my water. So he sent me to the hospital, telling me he'd meet me there. I had to call my husband @ work from the dr's, he said he'd get a ride, and meet me there also. On the way to the hospital, I had to pull over and cry. I was so scared and relieved that this was it!!! When we got there, they put me on the PIT, and gave me an epidural early, cuz the guy had to go to C-section. Everyone kept joking w/ me that I wasn't really going into labor, cuz I wasn't feeling anything (thanks to the epidural!!) I sat in the room for 11 hours asking if I could eat something, or walk around. Everyone kept telling me no!! After everyone decided to walk out of my room for dinner break, I felt like I had to push. Luckily, the nurse was in the room at the time. It was a flurry then, everyone running back into my room and getting excited. After 11 hours, I was in hard labor for only an hour. My daughter arrived with a big wail, and everyone crying. It was a very exciting time!!

  • My story all started when i was 24 wks and woke to find my water had already broke! The only problem was i am a young, first time mom so when i called my doctor and spoke to a nurse, she convinced me that i was only peeing on myself and there was nothing they could do to help me. So i went almost 3 days constantly changing pads and wondering why every time i moved or got up, this kept happening. Since i am only 18 on the third day i had class from 10-12 but i called my doctor and the way there and spoke directly to him. I told him that this was not normal and if i were peeing on myself i should have some control on it. He then directed me to go to the hospital after my class and have some testing done, one of which tested for amniotic fluid. The test came back negative and a wave of relief came over me. I went on with my day and met up with some friends for lunch and that night around 9pm my doctor called saying one of my tests for preterm labor came back positive. I went in to his office the next day for an evaluation, and after doing an ultra sound, he told me to go home, grab some things, and go to the hospital because there was very little fluid around the baby. So i did what he said and spent the night in my local hospital. The nurses took many swabs for amniotic fluid but by that point there was very little fluid left. Around 2 am i started contracting but was given a shot in  the hope to stop them, which it did. I spent the night strapped to monitors and the nurses there all said there was no reason to believe it was for sure my water. The next morning i felt it again and called my nurse and told her to do a test right then. She did, which came back positive, and they air flighted me to Carmichael to Mercy San Juan Medical Center. From there i was bed ridden for 7 weeks only to get up to shower for 5-10 minutes every other day. I had good and bad days, sometimes i'd be hooked up to 2-3 iv's at  once trying to stop contractions that suddenly flared up. Around 29 weeks my placenta began to tear away from the uterus, but not enough to do anything drastic so we monitored it closely but it never became an issue. At 30 weeks and 3 days, i started having contractions which caused the babys heart rate to drop. My nurse by then was a good friend and she later admitted to me that while she told me it was fine, she knew it was all starting. I was woken up about 730 AM the next morning to be put on the monitor and after i had 16 contractions in an hour, the doctor on call came in and told me it was going to be the day. We did an ultra sound to make sure my baby was still in breech position like it was a few days before, and it turned out it had changed overnight and i was going to have a natural labor. They induced me and from there i was in labor 16 hours and only dilated 1cm. At  2 AM they came in and said the baby was too stressed and we were going to do an emergency C section. My daughter was born at 2:33 AM on April 18th and as it turns out the chord was wrapped around her neck. We spent a little over a month in the NICU with small obstacles like jaundice, apnea, and a VSD. My daughter Jaedyn is now 2 months old and is doing wonderful. I thank god time and time again for my miracle and for giving me those extra 7 weeks. I am so happy to read other stories and hear of all the other miracles and know i'm not alone. Please remember to pray for the others going through the same thing we have, it is so tough regardless of the end result!

  • At about 37 weeks I was dilated 3cms and effaced 25%. I was told to stop working because of my blood pressure but of course I didnt listen and continued working. I was ready to have the baby already, i live in the south and it was hot n i was tired. so i walked everyday and had sex and ate everything spicy and nothing worked!! now my due date was set for may 26th and my doc appt was may 27th. on the 25th i took my 5 yr old to the park and we walked the trail for about 2 hours just talking an having fun. it was great. but myf eet n back were killing me. i woke up at 5 am as usual to get ready for work. i decided to sleep for another hour and wen i laid down it felt like i was peeing on myself! so i jumped to go to bathroom and noticed my water was breaking and it was jus trickling not like a gush that everybody talks about.  i got to the hosp around 730am with contactions coming every 10 then 7 then 5 mins apart. i asked for an epidural which i got after they gave the potosin and boy that epidural did nothing but numb my leg. by 1130am my beautiful Bella came into this world. and rite on her due date.