Okay Ladies--we all have them! Share your Labor and Delivery Story!

  • I went over one week and was induced for both of my pregnancies.  The first I had an epidural, and it was a very relaxing experience.  Sat and watched some tv, ate some jello and when it came time to push..it took me and hour and 15 minutes to push my son out...about 12 hours total.  For my second (another induction)  I decided to forgo the epidural and do it naturally.   This time around...not so relaxing , but amazing!  I just kept telling myself after each contraction "you can do this"  The nurse kept coming in and asking me if I felt any pressure yet...and I kept telling her no...then all of a sudden 2 seconds later there it was....that pressure she had been asking me about and a very intense pain...I felt like I just wanted to jump off the table.  I had to wait a couple minutes for my doctor to run across the parking lot....it felt like forever:)  3 pushes and my daughter was out...total this time was about 7 hours.  We don't plan on having more children but if we did...I would definately go natural again.

  • Well my story begins at my 39 week checkup. I was 2 cm dialated for a week. At 40 weeks I was still 2 cm dialted. Due date was March 7th. March 8th I woke up to lower back pain and slight lower stomach pain. Well as the day went on i went about my normal day then It started getting worse. I woke up my fiance he took me to hosp around 10 or 11am. I was examined i was still at 2 cm. The nurse told me I could go home or try to walk for an hr and be re-checked. Well I decided to walk, the hour came and went and no progress.The nurse said ''there is no way you are having your baby today'' So I called my mom to come pick me up because my fiance had to go to work. Arrived at my parents house around 3 pm..tried to sleep...could not get comfortable at all!! Walked around my parents house for about 2 or 3 hours. I was agony!! alot of pressure in my lower back and no relief at all. Constant pain felt like i had an elephant sitting on my lower back. Left my parents house and went to my best friends house to get into tub. That helped a little. Well finally it got to the point to where i had to get out of tub. Laid down on my friends bed, my lovely friend rubbed my back it felt good but it gave no relief. I called the labor and delivery probably about 5 times that day and the nurse said when i would have a contraction my stomach would get very hard like my forehead. I was in so much pain and with this being my first baby i ddnt know what to expect and i didnt know anything. i had no pain in my stomach. All the pressure and pain was in my lower back bum and vagina area. Consistant pressure, agonizing pain and it just got worse by the minute. So finally i couldnt take it anymore we went to the hospital and i remember saying to my friends ''im not leaving until I get some kind of pain medicine because this is horrible''. Well i was finally rolled into L&D was checked by nurse and i was 7 cm. I said holy s***. My best freinds called my mom, freinds and repeatily tried calling my fiance who works at a coal mine!!! My doctor was called and he was happy to see me but i was not a happy camper because of all my pain!!! When i asked for an epidural i was told 'by the time the anestigologist gets here you will be ready to push.'' I thought omg the pain is just going to get worse!! My mom arrived..and no fiance yet. i was upset because he couldnt be reached, i was in horrible pain, scared of going into labor, scared because i knew the pain was going to get worse. Couldnt believe that i was finally going to have my baby.  Some of the pushed didn't last more than 6 or 7 seconds from the pain being unbearable from being severly torn down there.  Prob 20 pushes.. no epidural... pushing and screaming constantly from the horrible pain. Even when i wasnt pushing my doc was pulling me open and that hurt too!!!!!! He injected pain medicine through a huge needle but that did not help at all. After all that towards the end my fiance finally made it to the hosp! With about 5 mins to spare i delivered my baby i was never so relieved  in my life. I pushed the whole time i felt him come out i did not want him to get stuck!!!! I didn't even cry from happiness to see my baby from being in so much horror. i had no emotion except pain.  My baby swallowed fluid while I was in labor i was worried about him his cry sounded like a duck!!!! Meanwhile my doc was trying to stitch me up after my placenta came out. Shoving gauze into me i was bleeding profusly. I thought will this pain ever end??  Squeezing my fiance's hand so hard!! After several attempts to stitch me up i was taken to the operating room and put under to have severe lacerations repaired When i woke up i thought wow this dont hurt that much..until the night when the meds wore off and i couldnt hardly move!!!  I tore severely my episiotemy cut. it tore and extended about 5 inches down and to the right side. My other laceration was inside my vagina i tore more that half of my vagina around like a toilet paper roll. It was hell trying to move any way. I needed a blood transfusion from blood loss from labor.  After 3 days i was released.  I was constipated for a week and went back to er for that. The docs ''helped me'' I swear i lost 20 pounds after that. Was admitted to hosp for 24 hrs with that. Had some problems in that area for about 2 weeks trying to get my body back to normal. After all said and done i am healed. Slowly forgetting the pain and agony of labor and the stressful aftermath. That was the best and worst day of my life. I delivered an amazing boy 7lbs 19 oz and 21 inches long at 8:58pm. My advice to future mothers is don't wait to go to hosp. Not every birth experience is the same, people say mine was 1 in a million. I would never wish that pain & agony on anyone. My doctor and I agree for my next baby it is c-section no doubt!!!

  • My story begins at my 40 week checkup. Earlier that week I had started to notice contractions on and off and more intense at night and as time went on. At my 40 week check up which was a Friday and I was due 2 days later that Sunday, I was only 2cm and not sure how effaced I was but probably not much. The doctor asked me if I wanted a membrane sweep so I said yes since she was in that area anywayWink. Well I left the office and later that day the only thing I noticed was slight spotting so I was sure that was my mucous plug. That night I did have some contractions but didnt think much of it. The next day I continued to have slight contrations that continued all day and later that night started to come on more frequently and and stronger. The next morning which was my due date I  noticed the contactions started to become even more frequent and slightly more painful as time went on. This was my first child so I really did not know what to expect. I continued to wait it out to see if they would go away but they didnt. I got a hot bath and tried to relax. Later that afternoon as the contractions became even more closer together and painful so I had my husband call the doctor to ask them when I should go into the hospital. I kept waiting because I did not want to go to the hospital and get sent home due to false labor so I really waited unitl I couldnt handle the contractions anymore. My husbad drove me to the hospital which was about 30 mintues away. The contractions came on stronger and more painful. After we arrived they checked my dialation and it was about  3cm. They made me walk around the hospital for about 2 hours before they actually checked me in. Once they saw how the contrations were consistant and how much pain I was in by then, they checked me in. This was about 7pm. I was checked in and continued to labor without pain meds unitl about 2am until i could not handle the pain any more, then i asked for an epidural. I had hoped to go all natural but by then my contactions were back to back with back labor and I was exausted. My water still had not broke yet. After the epi i was able to get some rest unitl about 3am when my water finally broke. It was the coolest thing. My mother in law, sister in law and husband were all in the room and it was so quiet besides the heart monitor. Then all of the sudden we heard a pop sound and I was like"I think my water broke". The nurse came in and checked me and I was almost 10 cm and 100% effaced and my water had broke. After about an hour I started to feel the need to push, so the nurse called the doc and I started to push about 4:30am. I push for a good 2 hours and my little princess was born. I did have to get an episiotomy and 2nd degree tear and a few stitches and I did loose quite a bit of blood. Makenna Leigh was born October 10th 2011 at 6:30am and a healthy 7 lbs 2oz, 20 inches long. My labor was about 23 hours long and pushing and delivery was 2 hours. Overall I had a wonderful experience and I thank my family and the great staff at the hospital. The only thing I will change for my next baby is get the epi sooner lol :0)

  • ohh man!! So Nov 4th a week before my due date i just got off of work at 1:30pm, and i had to go to the birthing floor for my weekly non-stress test. I had to do stress test becausI had too much fluid. So when I go in they strap me up to watch the baby for a hour. They came back in and told me that it was non-reactive and they where sending me to ultrasound. A lil nevres I go down there they watch the baby for a half hour to make sure he is alive and well. Once they were done they send me back upstairs to birthing center. The dr then comes in and say that i now dont have enough fluid for the baby. So my dr , my husband and I decide that it would be best if I stay over night to be watched. The next morning on the 5th they check me and I am 2.5cm so they put that cervix softener in me and start me on some patosen to help push labor along. i was on that all day. by 11pm at night they check me again and i was only 3cm now. So they decide that they r gonna take everything off of me to see if my body does anything by itself. Well that night they gave me some nuban to help with the pain and they were suppost to give me something so i could  sleep. But they never did so I was up all night. Around 12pm my dr came in to check me and i was 6cm now. She was really happy and decided to break my water. And then 20mins later I got the epidural. At 3ish my dr came back in to check me and I was now 8.5cm and she said that I should try and push. So I pushed for 15mins and took a 10min break then pushed for another 15mins and he was out by 4:08. So i only really pushed for a half hour. And he was my first baby. My dr was really proud of me. When he came out i was sooo tried from not sleeping and pushin him  out that i only held him for 10mins and then gave him to his dad. It was something i will never forget.

  • I will never forget the day I gave birth to my son:) I remember they had to induce me because I was 3 days past my due date. At 12:00pm I was already in my own delivery room, and decided to start my contractions with slow pitocin drip. Nothing happened so by 3:00pm by doctor decided to break my water ! :o after that, I started to get really nervous because I could feel the contractions kicking in. I remember my mom kept reminding me not to take the epidural, to sacrifice the pain for my son, blah blah blah. I agreed with her and remembered that one of my friend's did natural birth and told me it was going to be fine.... two hours later... I couldn't tolerate the pain at all!! I wouldn't let go of my husband's arm and I begged for the epidural...30 min later the doctor comes and gives me the epidural. I had a hot spot on my lower left side of my pelvic bone and so I decided to tell the doctor to give me more epidural liquid :)) by then I slept beautiful and didn't feel pain at all!! :D In the end, I was in labor for 10 hours and pushed for only 8 minutes!! I loved the entire experience, especially when they laid him in my chest and he immediately stopped crying. <3

  • My baby came exactly one month before my due date. At 5PM the day before he was born, I posted a note on Facebook, "one more month to go". Then I realized that I didn't take any picture of myself during my pregnancy, so I got up to take a few pictures of my big stomach. Two hours later at around 7PM, I was sitting in front of the computer again and drinking soup. All of a sudden, I heard a “pop” sound (my husband and I attended a birthing class just a few days ago where we were told that some women would hear a “pop” when their water breaks) and felt myself started dripping. My sister took me to the hospital with my mom and my mother-in-law in the car. At that time I was feeling pretty calm even though both my mom and my mother-in-law were telling me their horror birthing stories all the way to the hospital. The midwife at the hospital confirmed that my water was broke and suggested giving me pitocin to induce my labor. I told them to wait a little bit to see if my body would start labor on myself (the truth was I was very tire and sleepy at that time, and I knew I would not get any sleep once my baby was born, so I wanted to have a nap before the labor pain start). At around 1AM, I requested the pitocin. The pain started at around 1:30AM, and I started pushing at around 3:15AM. I didn’t use any pain medications or epidural because I was half asleep thorough out the whole labor. My beautiful baby boy was born at 3:33AM, and I became fully awake when the he was placed in my arms right after he came out. It was an amazing experience!

  • I went in for my 40 week check up and my Dr. told me that I wasnt even dialated or softening so he schedualed me a 41 week check up and the same thing... nothing. So my Dr. schedualed me for induction the next morning (a thursday). I was worried because my husband had just got out of the Army and started his new job that monday and I was afraid that I would have our daughter while he was at work and he would not be there, so I begged the Dr. to schedual it for the evening. He said that since I would be starting labor in the hospital then I wouldnt be ready to deliver her until late that night. So at 7am on September 1st my mother in law drove me into the hospital where I had to check in with the front desk wait for the bands to be printed and then went to labor and delivery. At 8 am they started me on pat. and my contrations were few and far between. My Dr. came in at 10:30am and decided to break my water at 10:55am, and at 11am my contrations went from barely ever to full blown 2 minutes apart. For my husbands lunch his company sent him over to check on me and to call them and let them know where I was at no matter if I wasnt doing anything. So at 12noon my husband walked threw my hospital room door and I lost it. I was crying with joy that he was there. He made the call and told his boss I was 2 minutes apart, and his boss told him to stay with me (they paid him for a full day) I was then at 3cm. At about 1pm the nurse check my progress and said that I was about a 7cm. I felt as if my tail bone was shattering, I did not want an ep. for fear of if they were of by the slightest bit what may happen. I was screaming and the nurse litteraly yelled and me and told me that I was not allowed to scream and she did it over and over. My poor husband had a total look of terror on his face, and the nurse did it once again and I screamed at her that she is NOT allowed to tell me that I am not allowed to scream. (She appeard to be early 20s) So after my husband asked what other options I had other then an ep. and she said there was a pain med they could give me but it would make me feel drunk. So I agreed because 1 I was in so much pain and 2 because I felt horrible because my husband look so terrified. However it only lasted a few minutes and the pain was doubled. So my husband talked me into an ep. and the pain relief was instant. That is until the same nurse came in and said that the babys heart rate had dropped. (keep in mind I had been watching the monitor and nothing had changed on the monitor.) So she put me on an oxygen mask and had me turn to my right side. Ep.'s work with gravity and the only thing numb from that moment on was my right leg. At about 2pm she check my progress again and said that I was inbetween 9 and 10cm and her idea was to have me do a few pushes to help it along. So when that "wasnt working" she had me pushing everyother contration and my contrations went from a constant every 2 min to now about once about every 12 min. and at 2:30pm my Dr. came in to check up on me and yelled at the nurse because I was at 10cm and she had not called him and kicked her out of the room. So for 3 more hours I was pushing with the oxygen mask still on (is now the time to mention I am clostrophobic and was having a paniac attack?) so I could not catch my breath it push and I kept begging to take the mask off so the Dr. allowed me to take it off and lay it on my chest faceing me. At 5:30 pm they had to pull out the suction device because my daughter was stuck and at 5:33pm my beautiful daughter Scarlett was born at 6lbs 10oz 21 inches long and a full head of long red hair (her name had been picked out since before we ever learned we were having a girl)

  • I definitely had an interesting birth.

    From 35 weeks on I was two centimeters dilated but my cervix wouldn't budge.
    At my 38 week prenatal appointment on December 19th (If I remember correctly) I was begging my doctor to induce me. I had horrible pressure on my cervix because my waters were bulging and baby was so far down I thought she was going to come any second. I couldn't sleep at night because both my legs would go numb and swell, I had horrible nausea and vomiting fits, and I could barely walk because of the pain from the swelling in my legs.

    The doc said he couldn't do anything for me because my cervix was so stubborn. He said an induction would take days and didn't feel it was the right way to proceed.He would regret saying no though, a week later.

    By Christmas Day I was completely miserable. I wanted my daughter OUT. So, I sent her an eviction notice and decided to walk until I couldn't walk anymore and then I begged hubby to help me out. (I'm sure you can guess how). It was about 10pm and I had given up. I thought I was going to be pregnant forever! So I hobbled my butt to bed and passed out.

    At almost exactly 5:19 AM, I wake up with a strange feeling and I feel a sort of...popping sensation in my cervix. This startled me awake enough for me to jump out of bed and to notice what felt like (tmi) a waterfall coming from between my legs.  So I yelled at my husband, "MY WATER BROKE! GET UP NOW!" and off we go to the hospital.

    We arrived at labor and delivery at about 5:35am. 30 minutes later I began having regular contractions. No big deal. They were painful but I could breath through them without wanting to crush my husband's hand. At about 7 or 8am my mother and father in law showed up to help out and see how things were going. By 9 am I think there were a total of 8 people in the room, not including nurses. (UGH)

    Hours went by and I still never progressed past 3 centimeters, even with a Pitocin dose so high it was causing contractions that I was sure were killing me. 4 o'clock rolled around and by then the contractions were so intense I was straight up bawling my eyes out begging for pain medication.
    (I was doing this completely natural). Two hours later, I get a small dose of Fentenil(sp?) and it took the edge off of the contractions.

    At 6:30ish the doctor comes in to check my progress and tells me he read my chart and that I should have told him abou my spine issues! He says that the baby is in distress from being in the birth canal so long and that we have to do an emergency c-section. However, because of the cysts in my spine they have to put me completely out. This is definitely not what I wanted.

    So after 14 hours of natural labor, my daughter was born via emergency c-section at 7:51pm.
    I wasn't able to hold her until an hour later when woke up out of the anesthesia but it was the most amazing moment of my life <3

  • I think the delivery of my daughter must be prettty standard. I had been having BH contractions since I hit 34 weeks some just a mere tightening of my belly and others would almost make me fall over, however they all had one thing in common... they never lasted. At 36 weeks I was checked and my doctor said that I was dialated to 2 and 70% efffaced. She said that it wasn't uncommon and that it didn't mean I would be going into labor soon; eventhough it  was a possibility and I should keep an eye on my contractions. Eventually I made it to my 40 week appointment and eventhough my contractions were still coming there wan't much change. My doctor offered to induce me since I had made it to my due date and my baby and I had been so healthy during my entire pregnancy. That Thursday night when I went into the hospital I was dialated to 3 and 90% effaced. The nurses gave me a pill called cervatil (I think that's what it's called) to start dialating my cervix and finish thinning it out. About an hour in the nurses started asking me if I could feel the contractions I was having since they were apparently really strong and I wasn't complaining. Thank goodness I couldn't!!! About 5 hours into labor my water broke and unfortunately there was maconium in it. Aftrer that I was able to feel the contractions then about 30 minutes later my epidural came and all was good until it was time to deliver. The nurses said that I was  progressing so quickly that they didn't think I was going to make it til my doctor got in, and they started taking bets on when I was going to deliver. My doctor came in around 7 and the nurses had to pull her out of a staff meeting to deliver me. Within 10 minutes my room was filled with baby gear galore and what seemed to be 7 or 8 interns. At 7:20 I started pushing and at 8:17 my little Hazel entered this world screaming on the way out. they plopped her up on my belly and my fiance cut her cord then she was whisked away to have her lungs cleared incase the maconium had gotten into them. She was so loud my dad could hear her when he opened the door to the delivery ward. She definately has a gerat set of lungs.