Anyone out there trying infant potty training?

  • I know it sounds crazy, but I found this book while I was pregnant about infant potty training and I really wanted to try it.  This is my fourth child, I potty trained my previous children at age 2.    This approach sounded so intriging that I had to try it.  My son is now 5 months old and he is doing well with it.  His bm's are about 85% on his baby b'jorn potty and his pees are about 50%.  I really want to hear if anyone else is trying this and what is happening with their experiences.

  • Does he signal or tell you that he has to go to the potty and then give you time to get him there?

  • I'm interested to hear about this, too. This seems such a radical departure from the way potty training has been done before.

  • Right now I have been taking him strictly on a timed schedule.  He does have a signal for his bm movements - which are only once every 2 days, so that makes them easier.  I have been watching for a signal for when he needs to pee, but so far i can just tell when he's actually going, not before.  That's why I only catch 50% with the pees.  But it is lots of fun trying and he understands why he is on the potty and will push when I put him on the potty whether he needs to go or not.  Are you trying this also?

  • It is so much fun to do.  I thought that babies were not able to understand potty training until they were 2, but this is way off.  I never really had trouble with training my girls at age 2, but when I read about this technique I wanted to give it a try.  It has been so worth it and I would do it again if I had another child.  Also, I am saving money on diapers and wipes.  And I don't have to wipe poop off his little bottom - yea!

  • I've never considered it at that young of an age, but I have heard of others doing it. I do believe they can learn much younger than we give them credit for. What kind of cues does he give you?

  • He has specific grunts that he makes for a bm, he will also push with his stomach when he is about to have a bm.  For his pees, he get totally still, which makes it harder to see in advance, so I use timing a lot to promp his pees.