Rolling eyes

  • Hi All,


    I wonder if any of your babies roll up their eyes. I have noticed this lately - my daughter is 3 weeks old - and don't know if it's normal. 


  • Newborns are still building strength in their eyes. It is common for them to cross their eyes or for their eyes to seem out of focus. My babies would roll their eyes when they were falling asleep, but I never noticed it when they were awake and alert. It is most likely okay, but I would check with the pediatrician to be sure. He or she will know best.

  • My daughter did roll her eyes, and cross them when she was just a few weeks old too. Our doctor told us it was completely normal, and that babies are supposed to do it....I have to admit, it made me a bit scared though!

  • I would ask her pediatritian. But mine did the same thing too and it made me more than a little concerned, a baby that young thier eye muscles arent fully developed yet, mine even crossed her eyes untill she was about 2 and a half month old.