Your First Mother's Day

  • The first Mother’s Day after our daughter’s birth put a new light on the significance of the holiday. For me it became more than a just an excuse for gift-giving. Mother’s Day became a celebration of the beauty our relationship holds and the wonderful gift it brought my wife and I. What was the first Mother’s Day like for you and your significant other after the birth of your child?

  • Even though my daughter is 4 years old, this will be the first Mother's Day where we really have a male figure around.  I think that we're going to have a really good time.  We have several family activities planned.  I just want to make this a fun weekend for my daughter too.  We're so busy up until the delivery date that I'm not sure we will be able to have another special weekend like this before little Jake is here.

  • I really dont know yet but i am looking forward to all the little hand made stuff that my little girl will make when she is old enough Big Smile