Help! 10 week old sleep problems

  • My 10 week old daughter has a terrible time going to sleep if she's not swaddled or being held. She's been like this since day 1. I have a few more weeks to hopefully get this sleeping thing down before I return to work. We used to have to sneak her into her crib after she was in a deep sleep. She'd almost always wake up the second we started to lower her down. I've read that you are just supposed to put them to bed drowsy. We've tried that, just about 99% of the time, that doesn't work unless she's past the point of exhaustion. The second she's pulled away from our bodies, she's wide awake and not happy! We will stay by her, sing, shush, and pat for sometimes and hour before we give up and either leave the room or pick her up and try the process all over again. We have a set bedtime routine and it seems to be getting better, but naps are a nightmare. I'm afraid the daycare is gonna kick her out when she starts because she won't sleep and all she does is scream. I know she's too young for the CIO method, but we've used it and it's worked for bedtime, but not naps. Swaddling is another problem. I know it helps her feel sung and comfy, but the second she sort of wakes up she struggles and struggles until her arms are free. Then she startles herself awake. 

    Any other advice on how to get her to sleep and whether or not we should still be swaddling?

  • There are a lot of posts on here about sleep so you might take a look through the board history. What your baby needs to do is learn how to self sooth. This is a rough one and many adults never learn this. What I suggest to parents to to get et into a bedtime routine which might include a bath, a story and jammies. Then when ready put her down in her crib, bundled snuggly with binki in mouth. Put your hand on her tummy and gently talk to her. She should be room. Do not pick her up or make eye contact. Offer her the binki, makes sure she is safe and bundled, then leave again. This may take a good week to get down, but she can do it. let us know how it goes! -Jess
  • Great advice from Jess... beyond that, babies learn to sleep at their own pace, sleep included. Even if you get into a routine, expect to have some sleepless nights when you go back to work becuase that's what babies do! Good luck!


  • If swaddling does the trick, I would look into the Kidapotomus wraps. My son needed to be swaddled and those wraps were hard for him to get out of. It soothed him quite a bit. Has your daughter always had difficulty? Sometimes this sort of trouble at nap/bed starts when you go back to work and the baby is having difficulty adjusting. Unfortunately, like AnswerDad said, this is kind of an expected process at this age. You WILL make it through and she will grow into her sleep patterns. Keep offering her reassurance and comfort, especially if she is away at daycare during the day. She may just crave your presence and touch. Does she like a pacifier? That might soothe her a bit too. Hang in there!
  • My daughter is the same way, and we just moved so the surroundings are a little different for her.

  • evonders -

    It's been a few days since you initially posted so I want to check in with you and see how things are going. Is your baby settling to sleep better?  Have you tried any of the suggestions here and if so what worked and what didn't work?

    Would love an update. :)


  • mizzliz2115-It can be tough when you move. Everything is out of whack, it seems. I hope you are able to settle into your new place fairly quickly. Hang in there!