5 month old falls asleep at night but only for a bit

  • Hello!  I was wondering if anyone else has experienced their 5 month old going to bed, falling asleep, then waking up after 30 minutes?  This has been going on now for about a week.  She wakes up every 20 to 30 minutes then will go back to sleep once someone has tucked her back in, this goes on for an hour and a half after she has been put down for the night.  I dont know why or what to do.



  • Huh - never had that happen to me on a regular basis. Maybe she just enjoys the attention and cuddling she gets when you come back into the room. I'd just keep loving her through it and eventually she will grow old enough to get back to sleep on her own. If she just talks and babbles, maybe leave her alone instead of going in there, but if she is really crying and upset then she may just need some calm reassurance. Hang in there!
  • My son is 5 months old also and does the same thing. I don't have any advice just wanted you to know you're not the only one. I think its just a phase and they will grow out of it. I hope so anyway!

  • I think Julie was right on so far as if she is just in her crib talking to herself, let her be. Every time that she gets your attention and you go into the room, then you are reinforcing that by making a rattle she will get mom or dad to come and play/comfort/talk to her. You want your baby to know that she is cared for and that you will always come back and you want to know that she is safe. My suggestion is if she is really crying then go into the room, do not make eye contact with her, talk in a calm quiet voice and tuck her in, give her something of comfort (a binki, one of your t-shirts that smells like you, a favorite blanket, or stuffed animal), then walk back out. If she starts crying again let her be. You can then check in on her if she is continuing to cry, but use the process above. I do want to be really clear though that if you think she is in pain or that something is really wrong then you absolutely need to go in and do a more complete evaluation of the situation. However, if it's normal baby stuff let her cry. It generalyl takes a few days to get them on track again. Typically the 1st and 3rd nights and the worse and it just gets better from there. Let us know how she is doing, take care, jess
  • I agree with Jess... our doc told us the trick of trying to let the baby cry for five minutes before going in, then the next time extend to 10 minutes etc.... after a few days of this, baby should get used to falling asleep without you.

  • My son is almost 5 months and in the last couple of weeks has been doing the same thing randomly, but he usually just talks to himself and rolls around and eventually puts himself to sleep. I never go in there just watch him on the monitor to make sure he's ok. I agree as long as she's not upset then there is not reason to run in there and try and get her back. It's good for them to learn how to soothe themselves to sleep. I've been to that if he starts to cry I should set the timer for 5 mins then I go in and rub his back or give him his pacifier. Go out and set the timer again adding a minute and continue till he falls asleep. Thankfully we haven't ever needed to do this. He's always been a great night sleeper. Good luck

  • Just checking in to see if your baby was sleeping any better the last few nights? Hope all is well!