• I have an 11 month old boy, he LOVES his food. But lately he hasnt been eating to well. He dont like baby food or adult food unless its cherrios or something crunchy and still drinks his bottle. He doesnt seem to be fusy besides he is getting his 6th tooth in. Do i worry seeing how he is still drinking his bottle and rule it to his teething? 

  • Luckychic14-

    You are bringing a really good question to the board.  There are a lot of questions about feeding, and yours is a tricky one.  I want to give you some suggestions and I also want to link you to some really good information provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics website for parents.  I think this will best answer your question.

    First of all at 11 months you want to start transitioning him to a sippy cup.  We aim to get kiddos drinking from a sippy cup and drinking whole milk instead of formula around 12 months.  This can be a hard transition for a lot of babies.  I would think that if his mouth were sore from teething he wouldn't want to eat such crunchy foods.  It sounds like he already has his preferences!  So long as he is healthy the best thing to do is to offer him a variety of foods, and work on getting him switched over to a cup.  Even with the cup you want to limit him to 3 cups of milk per day, more than that has been associated with some anemias.  I want to go ahead and link you to some great links at the AAPs site.  Check these out:

    Sample of a menu for a 1 year old:


    Switching to Solid foods:

    Audio file about switching to a cup:

    How often and how much baby should eat:

    Getting started with solids:

    I also want to encourage you to take a look around that site for other information that might be helpful.


    Please keep us posted and let me know if I can help with anything,


  • Babies really go through a lot of phases with eating. Teething can certainly have something to do with it. Some days they will eat better than others. Sometimes they will only eat one or two items that day over and over. Other days they will eat many things throughout the day. My pediatrician told me with my little boy that fights over food at that age are not worth it. Always offer something healthy and nutritious. If he won't eat it after a couple of minutes, offer some other food options that are good for him. If he is hungry enough, he will eat. Offer the bottle afterwards and don't overdo the amount you give so that he is always full with milk and never interested in regular food. Things will change - hang in there!

  • Before assuming it is his teeth, I would bring him to the doctor to rule out a throat infection or something else. If he is otherwise healthy, then you can work on getting him to eat other types of foods throughout the day.