Drooling in sleep?

  • My baby is 1 month and about 2 weeks. The doc told me to feed him every 3-4 hours and he does well with this schedule but sometimes he can sleep longer as of 6 hours so I let him. But I started to notice saliva all in and under his mouth while he slept. Is this because I let him sleep longer and he's hungry? Or is he still learning how to swallow his saliva while he sleeps? I Don't Know...

  • Brandonsanchezjr - sounds your little boy is doing pretty well with feeding and doing well with sleeping too! Babies just drool a lot when they are young. They don't really have the control to keep their mouths shut and swallow the drool. Just put a bib on him during the day and change sheets as often as you need to each morning but it all sounds very normal. :-) Congrats on your son!

  • So no worries then :) Thanks for your time and advice!

  • brandonstsanzhezjr-sounds like julie was able to offer you some good reassurance.  Keep us posted on how things are going with the little guy.


  • Will do Jess!