My two month old wont let my boyfriend come near her! HELP

  • please help i have two jobs & trying to raise a two month old without help & she wont let my boyfriend near her! please help me!

  • how is your boyfriend to your baby?  is this the baby's daddy?

  • I was wondering the same things. How does he interact with her? Does he work too? Who keeps her when you are working?

  • well i know how u feel i work 2 jobs and i have aone year old and a 2 week old. what u have to do is try and keep her around your boyfriend so she can get use to him

  • I agree with tameka. You're probably just dealing with a matter of unfamiliarity. Try to integrate your boyfriend more into your baby's day-to-day life to help build that relationship. At this age, your baby doesn't know that you don't stop existing when he can't see you anymore -- even if you're in the same room! He needs to be around people he knows and trusts in order to feel comfortable. So make that connection between yourself and your boyfriend to him. When you do things together, let your boyfriend take the lead and stay in sight of your baby so he knows you're still there.

  • I agree with the others, it's very important to have your boyfriend involved regularly if you want him to be a part of your baby's life.  Have him sit next to you when you feed her and then later sit next to him while he feeds her.  Take turns holding her, diapering her, etc with both of you in the room.  Once he can take over without her fussing then maybe you could stay in another room just to see how things go.  Then eventually she should be used to him and he should be able to do things on his own.

    Also, how is his attitude toward the baby?  If he isn't comfortable I'm sure she picks up on that and it's probably making things harder.  Again, the best way to fix this is to just be around and let him practice caring for her.  As he learns to do more baby-related activities he will become more comfortable and so will she.  Good luck!

  • go buy the DVD Happiest Baby on the block and have him watch it.  she will become jello to him!

  • Has it gotten any better? It is pretty common for babies to only want mom. My best friend's baby is going through this right now.