• i just gave birth to two twin boys about 11 days ago..and everything is going great...does anyone have any advice on how to get into a good schedule for feeding and bathing???

  • From my experience I found that trying to keep them on the same schedule is best. I'm sure they eat every 3 hours, feed them at the same time. You'll eventually get used to managing both of them by yourself. But it definetly helps with another set of arms! Even if one of them isn't very hungry yet, try to atleast give them just a little bit to keep there schedules similar. Its terrible when they eat every 3 hours. After your done feeding, burbing and changing them, its time to do it all over again. I tried giving them both baths (one at a time) in the morning or anytime that I had a spare minute when they were that little until they started sleeping more at night. Now I do it before bed. To bathe them, I would have one in the tub and try to have another person ready for that one to get done to dress and feed while I washed the other one. Its hard to go by other peoples experiences, you just have to juggle it around til you find what they like better. Good Luck!

  • I have 6 month old twin boys and got them on the same feeding, bathing, and sleeping schedule early.  If one woke up hungry would also feed the other. The other one may not eat as much, but they got used to eating at the same time that way.  Now they both eat at the same time.  Now they are on solids 3x a day, which is a different kind of challenge since I have been a single parent since Jan when my husband left the country for a few months.  Bathing is easier with help and since I moved near my parents while my husband is gone my mom comes over a couple times a week to help out.  When I have help: while I get the bath ready my mom undresses the one and while I am bathing him, will get the other little guy ready and then she takes the one I am finished with and gets him dressed and ready for bed.  When I am by myself, will bath one (usually whoever is the fussiest), get him ready for bed, and give him a bottle while I bath the other one.  Once they are both bathed sit between them (I have them in bouncy seats) and hold their bottles and when they start to get sleepy will rock and hold them for a few minutes before I put them down.  By myself the whole process is about 45 minutes at the most. They go down between 8-9 pm and sleep till about 8 am.  They have been fairly good sleepers from the beginning. 

    A side note:  things will get easier even though at times it doesn't seem likt it will.  Of course, as they grow and develop there are different challenges, but having a routine of feeding and napping (which I have finally achieved) really helps.

  • i agree with the  advice u received! As a mom of 3 month old twin boys, a schedule is very helpful.  I am bad at keeping them on a consistent schedule and it can get crazy when you are up and down running around.

    Part of me has liked keeping one about a 1/2 hour behind  the  other, so I can deal with both of them when I am alone. I'm still learning as well.


    I wish u the best and just want to encourage you to ask for help, because it will help your emotions!


  • thanks for the great advice....

    I am now bottle feeding with formula.  my milk stopped coming in and so unfortunetly i had to stop the breast milk...

    how do you suggest i feed both of them together???  some nights i'm doing it by myself so my husband can get some sleep since he is back to work...he needs to keep his energy conserved so he is able to keep our 6 year old daughter busy after school..

  • I am not sure what others do, but I put them each in a bouncy seat and sit between them and hold the bottle for them.  Right now mine are starting to hold the bottle on their own, so mainly I am just sitting there to make sure they are okay, talk to them, or read a story during that time. 

  • I've had to feed them both by myself at night on certain occassions...but mostly during the day while my husband is at work. 

    I use the bouncy seat sometimes, but mostly I like to use their infant carseats to feed them in. It gives better support by keeping them more upright. I use rolled up receiving blankets to prop the bottle. 

    i like to have one start eating before the other one so i can better take turns burping them. 

    hope that helps!

  • Usually I would have them in bouncy seats as well, but I found an easier way so my arms don't get as tired from stretching them to hold both bottles. I lay one in a boppy pillow on the floor and I sit "indian style" (I hope you understand what that means, thats the only name I know to call it) infront of the boppy pillow and place the other on my lap. For feeding them cereal I use the bouncy seats.

  • Baby bouncers are the best invention ever! They make the babies so happy and are so convienent for feeding and playing. I love  them.

  • I have 7 week old twin boys and I feed them expressed milk from a bottle, I find that is easier than nursing at same time. They sleep in a co sleeper next to my bed so at night I put two throw pillows in front of me and lay the boys on them so they are a little reclined, then feed them with both hands, mu husband sleeps threw any crying so I dont worry to much about waking him up.  Congrats

  • I have 8 month old twin boys.  When they were first born I tried to have them on a schedule.  It worked for some time but eventually they make there own.  Sometimes they eat at the same time or usually half an hour apart.  To feed them at night, I would lay one on my lap on the bed and lay the other baby next to me.  Then you can lay one baby on the bed while you are burping the other baby. 

  • How was your pregnancy with the twins?  Im 39 and 13 weeks preg. with twins and a little scared. 

  • i also have had issues with my milk supply since day one.  mainly because my boys had a tongue tie yet no one at the hospital bothered to tell me or do anything about that.  ha.  as you can see i'm still pretty upset about that.  anyway, i tend to feed my boys all day and not long.  my husband isn't much help.  a train can go through our house and he'll remain asleep.  i've used boppy pillows to feed them.  sometimes i carry one and feed the other on the boppy.  i tend to alternate in order to keep myself from feeling so guilty.  that's tended to work pretty well.