• My daughter is almost 10 months old.  She currently says mama, dada, and uh oh (though the last one not discriminately).  When do babies really take off in language skills?  My husband and I haven't been particularly careful about what movies, etc we watch around her, and I want to make sure we start being careful before she picks up bad habits :)

  • You will start to notice that soon she will begin saying more and more words, but like everything else, babies do things on their own pace. Our two older kids really began talking a lot about the time they turned 18 months when they began putting together multi-word phrases and sentences.

  • Yep- I agree with dad...give it time.  That being said talking a lot to your baby and involving them will help.  Reading to the baby will help.  The major concern with this is making sure that your baby is hearing well.  Sometime babies that have had a lot of ear infections don't sleak well bc they can't hear well.  If you have any concerns about hearing please get this evaluated by the doc.  Otherwise I think you will find that one day (soon) language just takes off.  Keep us posted on how things are going,


  • I agree with AnswerDad - my son started to take off more around 18 months. He is 2 years old now and surprises me with the words he says and he definitely repeats words back to me! I'd just start to be more careful around a year to year and a half. :-) We did the same thing. ;-)

  • I echo the others--by around 2 you should really see lots of language development. But I will offer this little bit of caution--most babies have a much larger receptive vocabulary...this means that even though they can't "say" a lot, they "understand" more than you think. You and your husband should start to watch the movies, music, and language around your baby....she will probably begin understanding more than you would like!

  • Just stopped by and checked this message as I have wondering how your kiddo is doing. I thought of you last week as i had a two year old come in to clinic with his little brother. His language has totally taken off since I last saw him and he is talking like a champ-much more than he was at his well child check just two months ago. Hopefully we will see your kiddo do the same thing. I still would recommend a good check of his earns by the doc to make sure that he i hearing ok. Keep us in the loop. Jess
  • She's doing great!  Thanks for asking :)  All the comments helped so much.  I kind of thought it was around 18-24 months that speech would take off, but being a first timer I wanted to check.  And thanks for the advice on watching what we say starting now--I didn't even think about her receptive language.  And I will talk to our pediatrician next time we're in about a hearing test.  I think her hearing's ok (selective at times maybe, but ok) based on her reflexive turning to sounds and mimicking what we say, but better safe than sorry.  We've actually been trying to teach her to say "num num" when she wants something we're eating instead of just whining or crying until she gets it.  She seems to be catching on to that :)  Thanks again for the advice!

  • sqmitch-what a great reply! I'm so glad that she is doing well and that you feel better. Keep us in the loop with how things are going for your daughter and her family. :) Take care, Jess
  • Nice! Glad things are doing well for you. :-) We taught our little boy some sign language for a few key things like "more", "please", "thank you", "milk", etc. He was able to communicate with those long before he was able to talk. It helped cut down on some of the crying and frustration on his part. Any library has baby sign books and dvds. It can be kind of fun to do! :-)

  • I tried to teach her a couple signs, but just haven't been very consistent about it.  It really is a good way to communicate with your little one though (plus they look so cute doing the signs :) )  I don't think she's a big fan of the "milk" sign though.  I tried to show her her sippy and say "milk" while doing the she was angry.  She just wanted that cup!  She couldn't have cared less what the liquid inside was called :)

  • Hahah - she is opinionated! Love that. :-) We didn't do anything hard core with signs. We just would sign our few words that we picked out whenever we said them to our son...didn't make him sign back and he eventually just picked it up as we kept doing it. I think they DO look super cute when they finally start signing! :-)