What can I do encourage my baby to roll over?

  • My baby is four months.  He was 6 weeks early.  Now you cannot even tell he is a premmie.  Is there anything I can do to encourage my baby to roll over or should I just be patient?  He did roll over from his tummy to his back once.  Since then he has not.  Just wondering...I am a new mom and I don't want to over react.  That is my husbands job. Big Smile

  • Don't worry...he will roll over in his own time. Until that magical moment, just keep giving him supervised tummy time with some toys and encourage him to spend time on his tummy. When he is ready, he will roll. My kids didn't roll over until they were 5-6 months old because they were so tubby!! LOL! If you are concerned about his development in any way, let your pediatrician know. Good luck and welcome!

  • Moosie-

    Every baby does things on their own terms, and you will find this to be true in all of his growth.  Be patient with him, and reassured that he will be just fine. :)

    Keep us posted on how things go, Take care,


  • I echo the other ladies. Just give your little guy plenty of time to practice with tummy time on the floor and it'll happen when you least expect it! So glad your little one is doing so well after being born early. Hugs!

  • I agree with the previous posts. If you are sensing that your baby is really close to turning over,  encourage it a little further by putting a favorite toy just out of reach and to provide some motivation.

  • i think you should just wait it out because he's going to roll over soon enough.

  • Thanks to all who replied.  Jude is doing well and is now rolling from his tummy to back.  He is rolling on to his side while on his back to grab at his toys.  Today we had a feeling that he is teething, and yes we felt a bottom tooth starting to cut through.  Any teething advice?