baby not slleping through the night

  • I have a son, almost eight months old.  He has only slept through the night on maybe three occassions.  Lately he is getting worst.  He is getting me up three times a night.  I will nurse him for a few minutes and he will go back to sleep.  I don't know what is waking him up a and why he is not sleeping through the night.

  • My son is eleven months old and is also a breastfed baby that was looking to keep mommy up all night. I stopped feeding him everytime he woke up at night and also had my husband go in to check on him. He would only cry for a few minutes than fall back to sleep and is now sleeping 8-10 hours a night. Don't give in and feed him. Older babies should be getting enough food by the time they are six months or so that they don't need to fed in the middle of the night anymore. Try some white noise.  When he does cry check on him every twenty minutes until he goes back to sleep. Each night he will start to sleep longer and cry less.  Babies need to know that they are ok and your are still there.  Check on him briefly by patting his back and tell him he is ok and loved. 

  • I have a similar problem. My son is almost 9 months old. He doesn't wake up 3 times he usually only wakes up once. I have heard many tips from other people that maybe you could try... try feeding cereal or formula before he goes to sleep, with a nice warm bath. This has worked a couple of times for us, but not every night.

    It could also be teething? Try using some orajel, also has worked a couple times. Some nights are good and some not so good. Good luck!


  • I totally agree with the previous poster. I nursed both of my children and they woke up for feedings just as long as I was willing to give them. My daughter slept through the night at SEVENTEEN months! I finally decided to send dh in when she woke up. Within a week she was sleeping through the night. Apparently, Daddy and his lack of breasts wasn't what she had in mind. Big Smile