Turning 1

  • OMG!!! the way i felt when i found out i was pregnant i think was like any other female would feel at my age. Scared, Anxious, Happiness, Joy then back to scared and anxious and as the pregnancy went on i got more nervous for the birthing process either way i couldnt wait for my little bundle of joy to join me in this big scary world.

    My son was born on January 19 @ 10:42pm and it was the happiness time of my life since hes been born i have mature in a way that only he could make happen. I never thought that i could love one person as much as i do him and words cannot express or begin to explaint he love i have in my heart for him. My angel is approaching his first birthday and i am super excited to be planning and celebrating his first year of life as well as many many many more to come. i cannot belieeve a year ago i became a mother, a friend, a baby sitter, a care giver as well as so much more. McKell you are my world and i love you with my everything i wish you a happy birthday today, tomorrow and everyday until January 19th make its way here because i am so happy to have you. You grow everyday and in front of my eyes to so sad to see my little baby grow up but quite exciting to see how much youve changed and have grown in this short period of time.

    I love you to the moon and back again <3 Smile

  • Your message did a great job of capturing the emotions of becoming a parent! My youngest turns one on December 14 and I am super excited to celebrate, although I am a little sad that my baby is no longer a baby! Happy birthday to your little bundle and I hope you enjoy every year with him as much as your first!

  • :) thank you! i look forward to every year to come with him and it is a beautiful thing to celebrate!!! i cant wait!!!

    tell her baby happy birthday!! btw - thats my moms bday as well dec 14th.

  • What a beautiful message of anticipation and joy.  Thank you for sharing that time of your life with us!


  • thank you for reading

  • Aww - you made me smile. I feel the same way about my little boy. He is 2 now and I can't believe how time flies. I remember his Birth Day like yesterday.  He is the joy of our lives. Congrats on your son's first birthday!! <3

  • Thank you!!! im happy i could make another mother smile, its always a wonderful thing to celebrate your kids life/accomplish and everything. I think his birth day will be something i remember for the rest of my life as well.

  • Thanks! We have her party on Dec 10!

  • Loved reading this! I am right there with you. Im also a young first time mama. My lil boy will be a year in Jan. also!! It terrifies me how quickly time is flying but I am so excited to learn and grow with him. I too have learned a lot from him already. I have found the truest form of love. I love every moment..even through the sleepless nights, or fussy moments.. i couldnt imagine my life without him :) Congrats on your little guy. And happy (early) 1st birthday!

  • i feel the same way, they learn so much from us but we learn just as much as they do. When is jan is your little ones bday (happy early bday as well) and thanks for reading. I love this site because it gives moms somewhere to go and express ourselves.

  • Thanks :) I wish i had joined this site a long time ago lol. It nice to know that there are parents out there with similar situations or questions that I have. His bday is the 21st :)

  • oh ok a few days after my son and i heard about this site from my doctor while i was pregnant and i love you its very helpful.

  • Just glad you guys found us!! Are you doing anything special or fun for your kid's Christmas?? :-)