Anyone have advice for new mom?

  • My daughter is 6 mths old and sleeps great but she can't/won't roll from her belly to her back when she is in her crib. I know she can roll over on her own, she does it all the time when she is on the floor but she doesn't do it in her crib. When she wakes up in the morning she cries while she tries to get from her belly to her back so my husband and I will go in and turn her over and she goes back to sleep. Anyone know why she can't seem to roll from tummy to back when she is in her crib?? We have stopped going in there to turn her and she will go back to sleep but I feel bad just letting her lay there mad.

  • just guessing but have you ever slept on one side for a long time and then had trouble moving cause your muscles got cold or too relaxed maybe she is such a deeo sleeper that she doesnt move at night then when its time to wake up she has a hard time moving. Just a thought, it happens to me.

  • It could be that she's not getting enough traction on the softer mattress. The hard surface of the floor may make it easier. She'll get there in her own time.

  • I tend to agree with writemommy about the mattress. As long as she can do it on other surfaces, I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  • Tongue Tied does she just do it while she is asleep? or in general?