• Please help my son is 8 months old on january 1st. When he was a newborn he slepted mostly thru the night getting up around 5 which was great.

    At about 6 months he just started waking up like every few hours. Everynight is diffrent but he atleast gets up once or twice a night which is a good night. I usually go in his room put him on his side and give him is bic and pat his bum. Most of the time he will fall back a sleep rather quickly but then get up in a few hours. Everyone tells me to try the tough love thing. But my son is very persistant and will cry for along time. Everynight i usually give him a bath put him in his pj and go to his room read a story sing a song and give him is bottle. he usually doesnt have a problem falling a sleep but will just wake up and cry until i come in the room. Please help!!!!

  • May2011,

    I am wondering if your baby might be waking because he is hungry.  It is common for infants at this age to be doing a lot more activity than they did in their early infanthood.  Has your baby started crawling, walking, and napping less?  With an increase in activity comes an increased calorie need.  You might want to consider adding a feeding right before bed, or even one at night if he wakes.  I understand your friends advice about toughing it out, however I would try feeding him a bit more and see if this helps. 

    Let us know how things go,


  • Sometimes at this age, babies are experiencing some increased calorie needs like Jess_BabyRN said and need an extra feeding during the night. You could always try this for a night or two and see if it does cause him to end up sleeping the rest of the night. If it doesn't, some babies also start to experience a bit of separation anxiety and wake up missing their mommy. That's why merely seeing you calms your little boy down and puts him back to sleep. Eventually, this will pass but I know it's absolutely exhausting to deal with! Hang in there and I would also call your pediatrician for advice - they often know your baby well and can give you good information.