Staying motivated

  • "When is your baby due?" This is a question you welcomed while you were pregnant, but are most likely not fond of hearing when your baby is eight months old. Losing "baby weight" (you can call it that until your child is in college) is not always as easy as it seems. We all know that exercise and eating healthy is the way to get there, but staying motivated can be very difficult.

    How do you get motivated and stay motivated? Set small, realistic goals with good reason (such as losing 10lbs to be healthier and feel better). Slow down. Often, we try to make too many changes, too soon. Get started today. Pick something small that will help you reach your goal and go for it!

    1. What motivates you?
    2. What tips do you have for losing baby weight and staying healthy?


  • Honestly my child (and before, and still, my wife) are two of my biggest motivations. And yes I'm a dad, so it's not really baby weight. But I was very overweight before her birth and I didn't want her to grow up thinking that was healthy. My advice would be to do small changes in eating - similar to mixing formula and breast milk to help ease the transition. For instance I switched ice cream for sorbet (bought a $10 maker at wal-mart on sale), and traded junk foods for fruits and nuts (they satisfy my sugar/salt/crunchy, etc needs just as well but are waay better for me). Eventually I even started to like salad Wink

  • My husband became very overweight when I was pregnant the first time. He managed to drop it by making small changes like cutting out regular Coke and not eating all those pastries on the way to work. Ahh...if only it was that easy for me.

  • I'm worried about loosing baby weight, because my husband and I got married in a simple ceremony last weekend but are palnning to have the reception in September.  Our first is due the end of May and I am terrified that I'm still going to be GIGANTIC for our "second wedding".  Should I worry about gaining weight now and try to curb myself (I'm 20 weeks and have only gained 17lbs so I don't feel too bad) or should I let myself gain and then try and loose it after the baby?  Also, I plan on breastfeeding...will excersizing and attempting to toss those extra pounds cause problems with milk production? 

  • Dieting while pregnant can have a lot of unintented consequences on the baby. There is a lot information out there about how it can lead to lots of issues with growth and development, you should read up on it and almost certainly consult a doctor before trying to lose any weight while pregnant. Baby weight is not something that is hard to lose, a common misconception is that once you gain weight it is there forever. Take it from an used-to-be-biggy, you can lose the weight, and no one is going to notice anything but how beautiful you look at your wedding. So be safe and be smart about it, do it when it wont affect your baby.

  • Leslieann- I replied to this a few days ago and for some reason it didn't take. I'm sorry!

    I think the important thing is to watch how you eat as opposed to watching your weight or cutting back. Eat when you are hungry, but stick to healthy foods like: fruit, veggies, and whole grains. Limit soda intake and drink tons of water. Keep up an exercise routine throughout your pregnancy. It will help with delivery and also with losing weight after the baby is born.

    Losing the baby weight after the fact is easy for some women and hard for others. I read a long time ago that the average woman retains 5lbs per pregnancy and keeps it for life. The first time I was pregnant I ate like crazy and gained 50lbs. That weight just fell off. The second time I only gained 30lbs and am still working on the last 4lbs of it (that was 19 months ago). :)

    Weight watchers has a nursing mom program that helps you lose weight while keeping up a good milk supply and nourishing your body as well. Nursing moms have to eat a little more than non-nursing women. I love that weight watchers has this program so that you can safely get the weight off.