Colic or not?

  • My 9 week old daughter is crying and fussy at night. Usually starting around 7pm but lately it starts anywhere between 8pm and 10pm.  She cries for 1-2 hrs. We swaddle, walk and use white noise such as bathroom exhaust fan.  Usually she cries through her night time bottle. So we have to wait until she calms down before she will take her bottle.  This puts her going to bed later some nights. Does anyone have this problem or have any suggestions. Is this colic or gas or both?  When does this usually stop?  Thanks.

  • i am having the same issues, I daughter is 1 month yesterday. I am currently breastfeeding and supplimenting with formula and she does good during the night but a bottle after 7PM, she starts with the nonstop crying, trouble with swallowing her milk because she is so fussy. I can tell that her tummy is bothering sometimes and she has trouble when she is trying to burp. We are considering changing her formula, I have a 1 month appointment today, will see what the doc tells us. I also was thinking that she could be colic, but last night she did rather good, she woke up every 2 1/2 hours for feeding.


  • Madion- That does sound a lot like colic. Especially since she cries in the evenings around the same time and for 1-2 hours. Generally, tummy trouble would be inconsistent and at any time during the day. My son did the exact same thing and it just went away on its own after a few months. It was maddening while it lasted though! The only way to know for sure what the problem is (and even then you may not) is to let the pediatrician check her out.


  • Elysett- Please let us know what your pediatrician has to say. :)

  • Definitely sounds like issues to bring up with your peditrician, especially since their digestive systems are so sensitive at this age. It could be a range of issues -- anything from colic to gas to acid reflux -- so it's better to ask a professional before doing anything.

  • I have a 4 month old daughter and I use to think she was colicky as well. However, the pediatrician states that babies with colic cry for 3-4 hours at a time and are not able to be soothed. She said that some babies cry even if there is nothing wrong with them. But if it is gas, you can try the Myloconic gas drops for babies or try to rub their bellies.

  • I have a 1.5 month old--she screams alot of time--we found out that she has acid reflux and gas issues---mylocon drops help the gas issues and the she's prescription for the reflux---she still does cry alot though especially at night..i'm told this will stop in about another 6 weeks....

  • My baby is almost six weeks and he goes through a colicky phase from 3am to 6am. i can handle the crying but thats when im the most tired. ive been sleeping for 45 minutes a night. my fiance cant handle the colicky part of the night, and baby wont let anyone hold him but me at that part of the night. any advice?

  • my baby is the same way... same exact hours as yours. And he doesnt want anyone to hol him except for me either. My boyfriend gets to frustrated when he cries and I keep telling him that there isnt anything we can do to make him stop but to love him and rock him!

  • I agree that it is best to talk with your pediatrician about your concerns. Babies with colic usually cry for more than three hours at least 3 days/week and can't be consoled. It can also be GERD. When feeding your baby, keep upright for at least 30 mins post-feeding. Let us know!
  • Some babies are not colicky....they just become overstimulated. Throughout the day, they look around, listen to noises and smell their environment. As a result of all this stimulation, their immature nervous systems overload later on in the day. Try giving your baby a quiet and less stimulating environment and refrain from holding him all throughout the day, unless he is fussy. You may find that in a few days, he has fewer periods of crying and is more content.


  • I am on the same boat, my baby is 4 weeks and cryies from midnight to 3 or 4 am... Is horrible, my husband works and can't stay up all night..


    Hopefully it will go away on its own like the pediatrician said, soon///// Until then, have to deal with it...

    I might try the car ride....


  • You can try a rocker which will keep him slightly elevated and snug... it might give him a feeling of being cradled in your arms. If he's extremely colicky, a warm towel on his belly might give him some relief.