help! swaddling @ 3 1/2 months

  • My son is now 14 weeks old and still sleeps swaddled.

    Most of my books recomend swaddling only til the third month but..

    I am very afraid he will stop sleeping soundly through the night.

    Should I wean him from swaddling or continue untill he decideds he is over it..

    will the day ever come?

    All my friends and family said thier babies had enough after 2 months.

    His snuggle me swaddling blanket is getting too small.


  • Our first son was swaddled up to 6 months. lol  He loved it.  He would lay there and grin waiting for us to wrap the blanket around him.  Eventually he wanted his arms out but we still wrapped the blanket around his chest.  By 9 months he was done with it.  I figure let him tell you when he is done.  It's a comfort thing for some babies.  Each baby is different take your cues from him. 

    My two cents. :)


  • We swaddled our baby until he decided he was over it - basically, once he could get a blanket out from under him or pull it over his face we knew it wasn't safe anymore.  He was around 3 months old at that point.

    We used a gradual progression (well, the baby led the way on that), first we'd do a full swaddle, then after awhile he'd be able to get his arms out so we'd just start him with arms out, then he'd get his feet out too, at which point we wouldn't really swaddle, just put the blanket around him (wrapping the loose ends under the weight of his bottom so he couldn't pull it off until he got more active).

    We just used a regular receiving blanket (or the thin hospital blanket worked fine too), which let us do the gradual progression we described.   A lot of baby books can show you how to do a blanket swaddle.  Although we owned a SnuggleMe, we never actually got around to using it. 

    Basically, if your baby can still safely be swaddled, I don't see anything wrong with that.  But, if your baby is able to pull blankets over his face or get one out from under him, or roll over at all (check this during the daytime when he's in an active mood) then it's a sign he's done with swaddling.  You said the SwaddleMe is too small.  If you want to stop swaddling him but still want him to feel secure at night-time maybe you can use a sleeveless, summer-weight sleepsack (we used Halo brand and like them a lot - Babies R Us sells them instore and online).  Good luck! Hope this helps!

  • Babies usually let you know when they don't want to be swaddled any longer. They either wiggle out of the blanket or complain about being wrapped up. As long as your baby isn't overheated and sleeping safely, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

  • let the baby deside... it starts giving him a sence of indipendence...not that it is always good but it tells him that you are willing to respect his space he will come out of the swaddle when he is ready as a mother of 6 i always let them deside when to stop swaddling and breastfeeding and when they were ready they left it behind some just wanna feel more babied than others i say let him feel like a newborn till he is ready to be a baby dont rush it... :)

  • I agree w/ the others in that it is fine to let him let you know when he is done.  With my daughter it was a gradual progression. She went from a full swaddle, to having the swaddlers just wrapped around her body, to no swaddling. I was actually glad that she didn't stop being swaddled until she was about 6 months as it let us get through the worst part of the winter with something warm around her because she hated those baby blanket/gown things most people want you to use instead of actually wrapping them in a blanket.

  • try letting one arm out at a time, see how that goes. Then try both, slowly letting the wrap out (not so tight). There is nothing wrong with swaddling longer.