Crying problems

  • Well the baby is a true blessing and we have been having fun with the baby but me and my husband are having a problem with not letting him cry. We have tried to do it but after 5mins he still crying and screaming so we pick him up. Sometimes he cries so bad that he starts a cold sweat. He just wont stop till we pick him up. And sometimes he stills crys when we are holding him. Lating we have been trying to talk to him in a clam tone and it works sometimes. Other times we rub his face. We give him the binkie too. It only works half of the time. I even have a rocking chair. I swadle him. We walk around with him. We stand up and bounce him and sometimes we give him a bath.. Me and my husband are very calm and dont let it bother us. If anyone else has any other tips it would be helpful.

  • Mehgan-

    You are doing everything right, and I'm sorry that your little one is still having a hard time to spite this.  There are several steps that you can take from here, but i think the first one is a stop at his doctors office.  There are many things that can make babies fussy and having a hard time settling at night, most of the time they aren't physical problems, but I want to encourage you to just get this ruled out before you go on with more behaviorally related techniques.

    Let us know how things are going and what the doctor says,


  • Maybe try putting him in car seat. My baby falls asleep almost instantly.  Maybe even try putting on top of dryer for it to vibrate. Just dont leave him unattended.   some people swear by a car ride too!


  • A crying baby is very stressful. First of all, I commend you for trying so many different things and it sounds like you are on the right track. You have to understand why the baby is crying. This unfortunately is harder than it sounds. Your baby could be hungry--is he eating enough during the day and night? If you feed him does that stop his crying? Or your baby could have some medical problem, such as reflux. You should talk to your doctor if you think he is in pain. Yet the main reason young babies cry is because the have an immature nervous system that gets "stressed" out with the sensory input of their environment. Try giving him a few "quiet" days to recharge and see it that helps him. Limit the tv and radio noise. Put him in a dimly lit room and give him minimal stimulation. Talk to him and hold him but don't over do it. Try the swing as well. He may just be getting overly stimulated throughout the day and "breaking down" when he has had enough. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  • I am a first time Mom here. My neighbor told me that there is a website that shows the different style of baby cry and on how to know the baby cry if its a cry craving for milk and etc. Can somebody pls. send me link to the website that shows the signs of baby cry. Any suggestions are accepted.

  • Mehgan, crying babies that can't be soothed are stressful! My son did the same thing. Does he mostly do it in the later afternoon and evening? Like the other posters said, make sure everything is fine from the pediatrician's standpoint but one thing that some babies just do is cry in the evening time. It even has a nickname - "the arsenic hour". Babies will simply cry for a few hours and act like they are in great pain when they aren't. They can't be easily comforted and then they stop crying after a while. This is often a biological process that babies work through and he will grow out of it. It often throws parents for a loop though and can be super stressful! So glad to hear that you and your husband are able to just be calm and carry through it. It will pass- hang in there!!

  • LOL I have already tried that. He does not like to be in the car seat for anything. The only way he stops crying in the car seat is if i swing him in it. but other than that no. But thank you for ur advise.

  • How about a baby swing?


  • Well, you can't last long swinging the car seat!! It's a good arm workout though if you are looking for a way to strengthen them. Stick out tongue Hang in there - hoping your little man settles down for you soon. 

  • I am a new mom and my son is 19 weeks, about to be 20 on the 23rd. He has not been hard to put to bed, but lately, over the last few days, he is really hard to get to sleep. We have tried swaddling, feeding, singing, rocking, and letting him cry. Like the other mom, if he cries too long we pick him up and he is sweaty. I am wondering if he is teething or going through a growth spurt. Also, he does not have a consistent nap schedule. Sometimes he will sleep well during the day, other times he will cat nap. I know this can affect night sleep if he is overly tired. Do you have any suggestions? We are going to call the Dr. as well.  

  • Cindersanne -

    Sorry to hear about your sleep troubles. It's always so frustrating when our little ones are pretty good sleepers and then go through a rough patch. It's hard to know what exactly to do. Once you have ruled out that your little guy is fed, changed, and not in any pain, then you might just try to go in and pat him on the back after a few minutes of crying. Sometimes just some comfort and reassurance can go a long way. After you soothe him for a minute, try leaving again and seeing if he calms down. Whatever routine you chose to try for sleeping, just stick to it so that you are consistent and he knows what to expect. He may be a bit young yet for full on sleep schedules and such - hang in there, this will pass and he will get back to sleeping for you. Hugs.