Oh the little joys!

  • Well i just found out that my sonis tickleish.lol. He makes a the cutest little laugh and smile soo big. He is only 2months old. He is also trying to make sounds. I joke with my husband and say that he gonna say momma first..! I love getting him to smile. he just so beauitful. I love spending every minute with him. The other day i was at work for 8hr and the baby was with his dad till 4:30am then with his grandma till 8am when i got there to pick him up. Then he went straight to my dad's house till 2:30pm so I could sleep after working all night and my dad wanted to see him. But once i got him back i just snuggled with him and gave him kisses cause i missed him so much. It was cute my husband was like can I say hi to him too then ill give him back. Im also glad he still hasn"t got sick yet. I know it will happen one day but ill have to learn to deal with it when it comes. Today we looked out the window at the snow falling. I just enjoy spending time with him. Im sure Im not alone on this. Share your stories of great things your baby learns how to do or does cute.

  • Mehgan-

    What a delightful post to read and I can just hear your ear to ear grin through the wireless waves!  Being witness to those first indications of happiness and response to you and daddy-what could be better?

    I, too, would love to hear what others have to share!


  • Mehgan,

        Wow! That sounds so fun! Well, the baby part, not the working all night part. Yuck! Indifferent I totally understand though! I'm a stay-at-home mom and my husband works all day and often all night. Our little girl hasn't learned to laugh yet but man oh man she tries to! More often than not she ends up coughing she's trying so hard! XD She rolled over yesterday though! Now that puts some pride (and fear) into your heart! :) :D

  • I think your little man is so blessed to have so many people who adore him and can't wait to spend time with him! He is going to be a much loved little guy growing up. :-) Makes me smile! 

  • Oh I love when they start giggling and you can tickle them and they just light up! I am looking forward to that experience all over again with my new little one who will arrive in August. Thanks for such a nice post! 

  • Congratulations! Sometimes it's the littlest of milestones that are the most special! Hearing your child laugh for the first time is one of the great joys of life! Thanks for sharing!