5 month old wakes sometimes every half hour

  • My daughter is almost 5 months old and for the most part is an amazing sleeper, however there are times she will wake up every half hour or so and will not go back to sleep on her own. I've been going in and picking her up and rocking her back to sleep. I'm worried that this is not a good thing to get started on and would like to end it. I have a very hard time with letting her "cry it out." She does not like to be swaddled, any ideas? We use a cd player and a sleep sheep that makes different noises. 

  • Sleep issues are some of the hardest to deal with.  I want to encourage you to, when baby wakes, go into her room, don't talk, don't make eye contact.  Help her into a comfortable position (since she doesn't like bundling) and offer her something soothing-binki, favorite blanket, ect.  Then quietly leave.  You can come back and check on her every few minutes.  Make sure that it's not more "fun to be awake than asleep"!  Let us know how things are going,


  • It is tough getting a baby into a great sleep pattern. If your baby is waking up, try looking into what happened that night...what did she eat? How many naps did she get that day etc.. Also, maybe she is cold? Sometimes babies will wake more in winter months when they are cold. Make sure she is dressed warmly for bed, especially if the temperature drops. Sleep sacs and fuzzy sleepers are a great way to ensure that she stays warm. Good luck!

  • Jillian-

    I'm posting to see how things are going with your little one and sleep.  It's been awhile since you first posted so wanted to see if things are better, and if not how we can help.

    Take care,