No Hugs, Kisses, or Closeness for Ya'll

  • My 11 month old son, wants no parts of seeing my husband and I close.Ick! He screams [:'(]when he sees us; hug, kiss, or even sit close. He will come close to me and stand there looking me in the eyesSad. I'm thinking is there another baby soon to come or is it that he just wants me all to himself........ What do you think???

  • I think it is just his age. I think it is writemommy whose little one does the same thing. She said her child even yells to the computer "My Mommy!". Big Smile

  • Most kids do go through  "thats my mommy" stage. Just give it some time.


  • BabyNurse is right. My little one did yo through that phase for quite a while. No one could get near me. Not my husband or older daughter. Not the cat or even my laptop. I had to be available to her all the time of she would cry. It's totally normal and very frustrating at times.

    The key is not to give in. They have to learn that they are part of a loving family and that everyone has to share. Try to give him some some reassurance after your cuddle with your husband. It's important for him to see you and your husband express your affection (in appropriate ways, obviously). When you do this, let him know you love both him and daddy and that you each have to have your special time. That may help.

  • Definately speak to your child's doctor regarding this.  I have a 10 year old that was like that as a baby and she turned out to be PDD-NOS (an autism spectrum disorder).  Your doctor may want you to further observe her in other atmospheres to see how she reacts socially.