Newborn first Year

  • Hi,

    I just had a newborn last month in December but this is not my first child. My first child is 1 year and a half and will be 2 this coming April. I have a new baby girl whom I enjoy everyday with my toddler. She will not be tough for me but for my husband as she gets older.

  • Heath-You sounds like one busy mamma with two young ones to watch over, care and guide along the way.  It sounds like you enjoy those babies!  Do you have concerns about your husband relating to the baby? Is there anything we can help with?  Keep us posted, Jess

  • Congratulations! I hope your newborn is doing well and you are beginning to settle into a little more normal existence. As a father of three girls, I worry about what life will be like when they become teenagers! Hoping to hold those days off as long as I can!